Mutators in New Campaign RELEASED!

I just went back to the main menu of Gears 5 from being in Escape and I got a pop up on my screen just like how the medal groups unlock when you complete them saying:

“Inconceivable unlocked” ?

I’m like what? I go on to the Campaign and its saying about Batista instead of Marcus and all these cool mutators.

I knew this was coming but i thought it was coming same time as Op5 not the week before. Its great and all but i know sometimes they “accidentally” release things by “mistake”

Going through all the mutators for the Campaign that there are, THIS IS WHAT WE NEED FOR HORDE!!!

It will completely change it and make it possible to really customise the match and make things more of a challenge especially on Master with a few difficult mutators like; only regen health when in cover, half ammo, friendly fire, juvies take less melee damage, can only reload if you get the active.

I hope this is coming to PvE one day

Anyone else think this could make things much more interesting in Horde, the mutators are like a combo of all the crazy modifiers you can add in Escape :grin:

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The Campaign update was actually supposed to be out this week… but last TC said, it was for tomorrow and not today.

Its always Tuesdays with releases which is why I was thinking “well this is unexpected” lol

Well I reckon if this is intended we’ll hear about it in the TWIG supposed to be out today, or on “the official Twitter forums”.

Dont think it could be unintended, updates and such are automatic, so if it released today, they planned it for today.

Yeah, like that ever happened. Oh wait

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The date they mentioned so far was always November 10, rather than 9. So unless I’m already in the future and not aware of it…

Difference between features unintentionally making it into an update, and an entire update releasing before its supposed to.

I just noticed No mans sky also has an update out today that was planned for tomorrow, could be xbox planning for the series x by allowing people to get the updates now instead of on launch day, could also be because some people already have series x consoles.

There was no update. It just went live before it was supposed to. Tactis actually got an update, but everything for the campaign was apparently added weeks ago and unlocked today rather than tomorrow.

The new achievements have been added as well, so I guess it isnt a mistake.

Time for my inconceivable playthrough.

Ahh, in that case it could be unintentional, but at this point might as well leave the update in effect, we where less than 24 hours from launch anyway.

What are the new achievements, there are none showing my end?

132 achievements are showing, how many should there be now?

Same here. New achievements aren’t showing and stuck at 132 achievements.

should be 137


Not too many then.

What are they?

I can guess there is at least some like;
Complete the campaign on Inconceivable
Complete the campaign with Batista
Complete the campaign with 5+ Difficult mutators on.

Something like that :joy:

Achievement Description Points
Ironed Out Complete all chapters in Ironman Mode on Experienced difficulty or above 50
That’s Inconceivable! Complete all chapters on Inconceivable difficulty 30
Showin’ a little skin Complete a chapter of Campaign while using a Custom Skin 5
Just showing it off Kill 10 enemies using a weapon with a Custom Skin 5
Batista Bomb Complete all chapters in one Act while Batista as Marcus is enabled 5

heres the exact list

Steam doesn’t have the new achievements listed yet, only XBL has them.

I’m on Xbox and they aren’t uodated for me.

Yeah, these showed up in the achievement list on launch.

It also seems like it tracks each chapter you do in the achievement, I’ve completed the first chapter on Inconcievable and got 6% progress.

Unplug your xbox, wait 30 seconds start it up. Should work.