Mutator description

Is there somewhere I can go to find a list of the current mutators and a detailed description of them? I dont get why some ingame descriptions say exactly what the mutator does and some others just give a vague thing to deal with.
90% less x damage vs x range gambit for example. Why isnt the percentage of less or more damage we do inside or outside of the 10 range included in the description of the range gambit mutators?


Yup. Kinda annoying. Reminds me of that Super Charged mutator which makes your ultimate cooldown recharge faster. It turns out that it’s just doubled - 2x. When the word “super” gets used, I kinda expect a bit more than double… :smiley:


Where’s @SNAKEYWAKEY389 when you need him? I’m sure he has the multiplier for Gambit mutators figured out already.

I think it is plus or minus 75 percent. Will have to test it.


I remember doing a daily with Long Range gambit on. I didn’t do any math but it’s roughly like 3x damage outside 10m and like 1/4 damage within 10m. Melee damage was like 187 (1/4th the base 750 per melee) and Hammerburst did like 22 dmg per shot (90 is base I think).

You could pretty much one shot Scions the whole game outside 10m.

I always noticed ±75%. But again, I will have to test it.

Speaking of “Super Charged”…just tested this mutator again in private lobby alone because it’s a modifier on the horde daily - River.

Turns out it does absolutely NOTHING - it doesn’t recharge the ULT any faster with the mutator equipped.

I tested with Gunner and Demo and both classes had the standard ULT charge rate. Gunner was 2m 30s, Demo was 10min.

Just another example of many that TC doesn’t test anything in this game lol

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Back when they patched the jack exploit with supercharged they changed the way the modifier works. You get increased cooldown when doing damage now unlike before it also increased the cooldown when you were doing nothing.

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Would be nice if they changed the description too. It says “ULTs recharge faster”……but only when dealing damage so basically it’s a feedback boost buff.

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It would be nice if they did alot of Quality of Life updates for this game but it probably won’t happen lol

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Yeah I noticed that yesterday too. Wait time seemed to be normal, but when damage was done, it would shoot up.

Yeah it’s basically Super Feedback Boost….not Super Ultimate Cooldown which is what I thought it was lol.

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I think this is much better for those bleeding classes.

Tactician / Demo/ Blademaster /Gunner can use 3 times ultimate in a wave :joy:

I’m relatively sure that originally it was basically a super ult cooldown prior to them changing it because of the Jack exploit with the maxed cooldown perk where your ult would literally immediately come off cooldown when exploding a hijacked enemy. Do not know whether it had to be near any other enemy to get that effect or not as I never used nor inquired about it.

Thats a much better name for it.