Mutations reworking for gears 6 horde

First of all there would be no more classes or cards in my horde and mutations are not tied to difficulty.

Positive mutations:
CREATE A LOADOUT (all weapons, grenades, and sidearms are available to select before you start the game), INFINITE AMMO, ALWAYS ACTIVE RELOADS, OSOK (instant kill with any precision weapon headshots, GOLDEN GUN (replaces sidearm with the hip fire golden gun), I’M FINE (allows you to get yourself up twice in a wave when in a DBNO state.

Negative mutations:
NO REGEN (health doesn’t regenerate you have to look around the map for stim packs or finish the wave), HEADSHOTS ONLY (enemies only take damage from headshots excluding bosses and suicide enemies), ROOKIE (no active or shorter reloads must wait the full length), SUICIDE MISSION (sidearms only), NO WEAPON PICKUPS, and lastly IRON MAN.

What are your thoughts and do you have any more ideas for positive or negative mutations?

Gears of War 6 doesnt exist yet man … I don’t know what you are talking about.