Music suggestion for GOW

The Devil Wears Prada - Kansas

I heard this in a Gears of war UE music video and just thought it fitted in nicely with the dark atmosphere of the first game.

Maybe they can use it for GOW 6 to bring back that aesthetic…:man_shrugging:

It’s real nice but it doesn’t make me feel Gears. More like COD, DEUM or Spec Ops the Line specifically.

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This is the only song that should ever promote or play during gears.
I cried when I first saw these trailers.


Hank williams- the battle of Armageddon played while you ride betty in gears 2.

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Me too,man…me too😥


Tool…listen to Tool while you play. ■■■■ lines up sometimes :joy:

Here Comes the Sun.

As in the Rammstein song?


My suggestion.

Befitting of Kait running around killing swarms.

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That cover art makes me uncomfortable …

…but anyway,it’s a pretty emotional song,kinda like it.For me personally it sounds a bit too mellow and 'empty" to fit in a Gears game.

Why do you think it fits?