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Museum Weapon Skins? Buy?

Im tempted. These are the best Ive seen since I got the game. Should I? First buy in a while.

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My suggestion man its to wait until the game is better… once its close to what Gears of War 3 feels like , I would recommend spend a dollar or two on the game.

I would suggest also to buy flowers to your significant other… way more satisfaction = )


lol I dont mind spending but these guys are not making me lean towards supporting them right now.

Just keep waiting, I’m sure there will be much better skins coming later on. TC will probably support this game for another 3 years just like GOW4 so there will definitely be more skins to buy

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I regret not picking up the loadout set when they were available. They look very classy, and are quite distinct from every other set in the game.

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hahaha agreed. okay, Ill pass.


No! Paying for MTX is similar too cutting your own balls off. Just say no kids!


They look really nice. I would be tempted to buy them if there was a complete set offered, and the price was a bit lower, but as it is now I will skip them.

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Bought the starting weapon set. And so far these are the most detailed skins. But you cant really see the detail ingame unfortunately.

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Shouldve been a reward for unlocking the achievement. Not just an overpriced item in the store.

Its your money do whatever. But they are overpriced… Should be 250 iron for a fullset maximum.

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Yes you should buy the things you like the look of in life and not seek advice on what to buy from people who have an agenda against micro transactions.


You already missed out on some weapons from the set so if you don’t care about not having a full set and like the skins I would say go for it.

I don’t think the costumers have an agenda againts micro transactions… we have an agenda of not being cow’s to be milked in excess…

My suggestion to him regarding using his money to buy flowers to his signigicant other, sounds fair enough… by doing such things regardless of what happen he will always win. and in this game buying pretty skins doesnt do a lot in life.


It’s really not that deep it’s a digital skin lmao. Nobody is forcing you to buy them if you don’t like them. Not that hard

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Don’t give them your money.


Easy boys and girls, I was just making conversation. :innocent:

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