Murder Lizzie event?

My medal get 150 eliminations in Halloween events says 0. Is this bugged or am I doing something wrong?

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For me it only worked through the Horde playlist (Mad Man’s Monsters). Not sure if it’s intended but the descriptions for some of the medals are all over the place!


Has to be in horde Mad Monsters

Bleeding Pepper is correct,

a few of the medals appear to have very wrong descriptions.


Is Snub still the new Mulcher!? :smirk:


I did a beginner Mad Monsters for the funsies and it finished it…_It was through matchmaking though.

The challenge for completing 30 rounds of holloween verses events only showed as 0/5 and literally gave it to me after 3 games of boomsnipes? Kinda happy I didnt have to suffer to long cause boomsnipes? More like boresnipes, fn camp fest up in there.

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