Multiple player lag and lag spikes

I have been experiencing lag spikes tremendously on multiplayer online numerous times. Has anybody experience that as well? Or is Microsoft cleaning or updating changes without sharing with us??

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Your connection is spiking or other players?

If it’s you I’d recommend checking into your connection before you blame others. I get random teleportations but I’ve already confirmed it’s not on my end. These happen when other players have ping spikes but mine stays stable which is frustrating. A few things to consider:

Do you have enough bandwidth to cover your households needs? (Download and Upload speeds)

Do you use WiFi or hard wire your system? If you’re using WiFi that would explain the issue. I always recommend that everyone hard wires their system if they’re playing online. The odds of losing packets over WiFi due to interference is too high. Plus, distance from router can create many issues as does the type of wall/ceiling it has to go through.

Is your network running on an ISP provided Gateway (Modem/Router all in one unit)? If so, consider looking into purchasing your own modem that your ISP supports and also a good gaming router. I always recommend ASUS because Netgear has never been good to me and Linksys hasn’t made quality home networking solutions in years.