Multiple Mechanic Morons

If you’re joining a custom game in progress and see that there’s already an Engineer, what compels you play Mechanic/RE and move my base around?


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The desire to be insta-kicked?



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The power of teamwork that 2 mechanics can bring? :hugs:

Depends on difficulty really.
Sometimes it’s to be an Enforcer hero.
Sometimes I’ll play Robotics Expert because I enjoy the play style without the building and just passive support the existing mechanic.


Holy crap! This is now my excuse for moving poorly placed fortifications lol

You beat me to it

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I think there can be some merit to bringing another Engineer to act as support to the primary Engi, one of the most obvious examples being RE with Precision Repairs to help maintain the base and provide extra buffs with the Global Overclock and such cards. The DR-1 with bleed when it works is also pretty great to have in a pinch, imo. I’ve always been curious on how fast weapon lockers would regenerate ammo when combined with Mechanic’s personal buff and RE’s global buff, actually. Never got to see that in action.

I always feel like trying out playing such a role but I find that in matchmaking either the other Engineer leaves or in customs I get kicked out. I haven’t even touched a single building of theirs or bought anything from the Fabricator. I wouldn’t dare move existing fortifications anyway.


Might be speedrunning being kicked from a game

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You know why?

Because I’m da-Captain now. Yah Bruh?

It’s sick and twisted…

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The horde player base is awful and getting more casual. A shadow from when the game launched and the glory days of op1-4.

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Lastnight I joined a custom game on Blood Drive (Incon, Frenzy) only because I only needed <2k CXP to finish out my Robotics Expert. The lobby title was something to the effect of, “need another engineer”. Normally I wouldn’t have joined such a lobby but, hey, WTH, right? It was so moronic.

It became obvious this guy wanted another engi so he could just spam sentries while I provided all the barriers. His sentries kept getting destroyed EVERY SINGLE WAVE with the new enemy pattern of multiple Boom/Drop Scions per wave. It was so pointless.

We wound up wiping on Wave 10 because we had no heavy hitter (2 engis, anchor, BM, AI :confused:) and the aggressive, rushing DR 1s were chewing us up.

I finished 49cxp away from leveling out my RE :woman_facepalming:t2:


Generally speaking I’ll be the RE. Most recently it was a mechanic that joined. Random player with no communication. There have been plenty of times were a friend and I will both be engineers and it’s enjoyable, but we plan ahead with cards and figuring out who will do what.

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I see what you’re saying and I’ve tried it a couple of times honestly. But the sad truth is I’m only able to do those type of experiments when playing with my friends since other custom lobbies are less understanding, which in a lot of cases I can understand. The combination of the personal locker and global is actually pretty fast, you can tell the difference, but not game breaking.

Usually when we do double engineers it’s a pretty nice experience in my opinion. One thing I haven’t tried yet which I may want to in the future is to have one mechanic build and the other like a primary repairman/decoy with all of the repair, stim, and damage resistance cards that’ll make you super tanky as you repair and become a moving decoy for the team. Just a little something opened minded every once in a while.

Excuse me?


As someone who regularly does so, even in today’s daily: The idea is that Mechanic gets everything with the discount, while Robotics Expert makes sure to keep it constantly repaired and has the better lockers.

This way, as your fortifications are constantly getting repaired, Mechanic doesn’t need to run the Extra HP or Extra Resistance cards, allowing you to run something else,

As for Robotics Expert, you can focus exclusively on killing stuff for the repairs, you don’t have to be purchasing / placing barriers etc. mid wave, nor you need to perk Fortification Health or anything related to Repairing.

Sure, having only 1 engi and 1 of something else is better than Robotics Expert + Mechanic, but it still helps when you have 2 people on your group missing cards with any engi :stuck_out_tongue:

As a continuation of what you were saying before, it is possible to successfully play as two Engineers with a random player- but unlikely. For some reason this is more tolerable to me if this is decision that is made while still in the lobby. It’s enjoyable if both players back each other up as opposed to stepping on toes.

I’ll be Mechanic since my friend prefers RE and we cover for eachother’s class weaknesses - and I’ll facilitate a similar mindset if it looks like a random engineer is willing to do the same.

At the same time, joining mid game as a duplicate class and immediately draining the fabricator almost always comes off as somewhere between presumptuous and selfish.

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I’ll be the RE DPS (Headshot Damage Perk at first) supporting with Precision Repair. Trust me.

An Ember can kill a lot of Things. I used to be MvP in the first 30 waves Mostly unless I don’t have Ammo.

But still I would bring the Overclock Card if there’re Lockers to Upgrade with. It really Test how the host’ patience is.

However, I still don’t have any opportunities to be RE since there’s always a Kick after I join that Lobby, which I mean is High Re-Ups Level Players. To say they’re Toxic, I don’t think so because everyone here are afraid of what Randoms will do, which is a Fact that won’t be able to change in Gears 5.

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