Multiple Mace Glitch on Exhibit

A team I played against figured out how to glitch the mace on Exhibit. The whole team had a mace within a matter of seconds after retrieving it from its spawn point.

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known bug

TC is on it


It’s not just the Mace. It can be done with any weapon - Longshot, Boomshot, Claw… I’m avoiding Versus until this is fixed. Screw cheaters.

Also, I hope everyone who has done this in a ranked game gets a 2 year ban.


Pro-Tip: Rush in.

That’s terrible and the people deserve to be punished…

It does look funny though.

“CHAAARGE! TO BATTLE!” -Cue LotR battle music-


Loool rush into 5 Breaker Maces. I wanna see that.

Pro-est tip 2019.

I had the same thing happen. But if you could edit the OP and ask the question is it cheating or not to exploit the bug in a ranked match? If I make another post asking that question moderators might merge them.