Multiple instances of shooting first at point blank only to die

i was in a quick match just messing around i had a 1ms ping look at this crap


Where’s the multiple instances that’s 3 still frames of one encounter. Also gonna need to see a video. The video must also show your ping in relation to the player that shot you. Then you need to place your head on a baseball bat spin around 10 times and cluck like a chicken. Then your gnasher will start registering your shots better. Kidding aside I feel your pain just wait till you’ve been killed while behind the person or when you get shot through a teammate or even a wall. This games online PvP is a damn joke just not the funny kind.

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Ill be playing an the lag icon will come up randomly on the bottom screen not the wifi symbol… Everybody i face has a ping of 60 to 200… When i go for 4 -50… I agree 100% lag compensation favors the poor dial up connection every time

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The packet loss icon most likely.

That has something to do with your internet if your seeing that symbol.

This right here…If any IT person looks at the credits of Gears 5, you'll immediately understand why the game is how it is, and why updates cause more bugs than they fix

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They need to revert back to pre this last update. All of it. Even magnetism. With these terrible ghost bullets and lag…you need it sadly.

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I’d agree except the sticky cover that was removed. There are more inconsistencies now with shots.

Was it really removed cuz I’m still sticking

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I’m not totally sure that the sticky walls have been fixed, I’ve noticed a lot of stickiness.

Long Live Guardian!!!

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It’s been a hell of a lot less sticky for me and my friends. Gears has always had sticky walls to some degree and it’s worse if your ping is lower but there’s a high ping present. If they didn’t remove it then something else makes it feel better but I’m fairly certain it was removed.

My issue is a sub-20ms ping, especially sub10ms, feels unplayable. I played the same team where I had a 4ms ping and nothing registered at all and I was sticking to every wall. The next match against them I had a 33ms and the game felt smooth as hell.

@Krylon_Blue @RedHulk1973 @BcuzimDRAGON Wait.WHAT? WERE THE STICKY WALLS INTENTIONALLY STICKY? ON PURPOSE? LIKE PROGRAMMED TO BE STICKY? I thought ping discrepancies or something caused that…


I agree 100%. I may be imagining things, but I think it’s worse when there are people in parties or chat. I wonder if the extra data being transmitted with the mics makes it worse.
I played a match this evening with a 5 stack team and all pings were pretty low - some single digits, I don’t think any over 40. It was the worse than average, which I thought was odd.

Yes, they were implemented because the pro players wanted to be able to roadie run on walls instead of always coming off of the wall.


Nah, I’ve played both in a party and not and it’s the same issues.

What about offline console, lan match beta tuning? If it’s the update itself…

@illusoryMage spit take …lol…wtf? So That is what TC has been working on? Good to know. Time well spent.

Nah i mean as like a control for seeing if the gnasher is just broken in online matches because of server issues or if it’s the actual game mechanics that are broken.

And no I mean you can use the settings of the beta playlist in Lan as well. Its under aim assist. Theres enabled, disabled, and beta playlist tuning.

@Krylon_Blue im so tired of all 20 of those pros dictating what they want and the game constantly getting ■■■■■■ with because of it. So if they want to be able to gib with a gnasher while chain sawing someone at the same time are they gonna make pistols only useable in cover?. I really dont understand how A even equals B here. And when were we told about the sticky walls? I dont ever remember that in a whats up? Why would they do that, ive died so many god damn times b/c I was ■■■■■■■ stuck to a wall and couldnt get off of it. And it was never when I was trying to roadie run along walls. WTF? Ive posted about sticky walls and what gives? Do they just wanna make the game unplayable for casuals? This constant tinkering has got to stop. Put it back like it was the last 3 weeks of Op 2. GD!

If it wasn’t for Ronademic they’d be playing on Lan. Their perspective is already skewed, their advice to TC is based on how they play via lan, where there isn’t a big delay from one player to another. It doesn’t take into account online play and how the servers determine the effectiveness of weapons.

Dedicated servers are - and I don’t have to tell you this, but they’re meant to provide a neutral host so one side doesn’t have an advantage like in Gears 1.

…But when Flaco is playing on his 300 ping, 5mbps down/0.33mbps up internet speeds and I’m on my fiber connection, he’s gonna be wiping the floor with me. Add stupid tuning changes and it makes it even less fun.