Multiple instances of shooting first at point blank only to die

Lately ive started clipping instances where I die to a gib, but only after I fire first at point blank range. Its always bang bang plays where I have to go back and watch the replay. Every time I audibly hear my gun fire first, only then to die. Im not the greatest at sharing pics and images on here. In the first instance playing KOTH on foundation, I saw the Scion coming. I squared up and held my shot. I pointed blanked his face. The gun fires, the muzzle flashes, the gun recoils, then im dead. In the picture all you can see is the Scion still in the roadie run animation while my gun is pointed straight at his face and the flash and pellets are out of the barrel. No flash from his gun. Its not even pointed at me. Yet I wind up dead. And this isnt a a situation where his ping was high, so lag comp screwed me. My ping was around 20. His in the 40s. I have a lot of patience when it comes to multiplayer games and its limitations, especially with ping discrepancies…but this is ridiculous!. This happens to me a lot. Can anybody tell me what is going on here? Nothing is more infuriating than outplaying your opponent 100% legit only to lose because of programming or servers or whatnot. I shot first. My gun is pointed at his head. Im in 100% gib range. Yet im dead. Wtf…Second scenario is the exact same thing. I only took 1 picture to show my gun pointed where it needs to be and firing. His isnt. Yet I died. Its important to note that this happens so fast you have to go. back and watch the clip and try to go frame by frame. Whats also weird is that it never really shows any animation of my opponent firing. Just me shooting and then boom…dead.


yep biggest bs

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@XJ9lol Thanks homie. I mean what am I missing or not understanding here. The bottom pic is a 2nd instance of this happening. I have lots of these. Wtf?

its ■■■■■■ net code and screen difference. server is getting data that says he shot 1st and was done with his run. its really bs. its just ■■■■■■ netcode. I couldn’t imagine playing a game like Dota 2/league of legends, use an ability, it goes off and lands, and it deals 0 damage. its unacceptable lmfao.


@XJ9lol well if that is the case its really unacceptable and a real head scratcher since im on dedicated fiber to the router and my ping was better. How are you supposed to deal with that? I should be seeing whats happening b4 him since I have better ping. How could he have already killed me if on my screen his gun hasnt evem beem pointed at me or fired, yet I have the better connection? Im not arguing with you when Im asking this. I just technically dont get how that happens. Makes no sense. Something has to be wrong with net code flow or interpretation or something. Have they turned the Tic down on the server?

Happens to me all the time too. Same scenario. Verbatim. I won’t see them come out of the run. I won’t see them turn to shoot, or fire and i’m dead. I usually have a good ping (20ish or better) but i have a small amount of bandwith…around 1.5mb down. Less than half that up, and it’s flumoxoming to say the least. I thought the issue was somehow related to the low bandwith i get, but you saying it happens on a fiber connection make me question EVERYTHING.


@jamwater yea buddy. Im on fiber all the way to router/modem. And im hardwired etbernet. My ping is usually between 10-20. I have a 1 gig connection. This isnt a ping issue…as far as I can tell. Like I said…I never even see their gun flash or me get shot…just dead…after i shoot first. Hear my gun clearly 1st.

Yup. Something is seriously off with this new tuning. Im not sure what’s up but it feels terrible.


Unfortunately this is nothing new. You would think with the time spent on Gears UE and on Gears 4 someone would have at least given an explanation to why these problems still exist at the frequency they do.
And if I remember correctly a couple of weeks ago GG Z I I did a video on the net code and screen difference all I could do is shake my head and agree.


Git gud.

Or get WiFi from a horrible ISP.

It’s lag comp at its finest.


@Slipping_Flames that is what makes the most sense. But i looked…im pretty sure the other player had ping in the 40s. But dont remember exactly. Nobody had ping over 100. So, what do you do lol? If you wait to hold your shot because you dont want to drop an 87% your gonna get killed b/c of lag comp. I g guess the moral is shoot him from a distance first. That just really sucks if this is lag comp. How come I dont get to play what I see on my screen too? Just b/c my ping is better. Once again shouldnt have to make your ping worse. But weve been down that road too many times. I dont understand why they cant slow my higher ping down to “match speeds” then let the chips fall where they may if you have instability that makes your connection swing wildly in #. Then its oh well. This is why I cant legitimately ever win. a FFA match which is 95% up close gnasher battles. I can hold my own, but I die too many times when I shouldnt like this.

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I have it on personal experience that sometimes the ping shown “in game” isn’t a true ping.

Quick recap…

I know a guy who plays on satellite internet.

Ping should be 640ms or higher.

His in game ping is 60-80ms.

Someone explain.


@Slipping_Flames well then things kinda make sense. I just dont know what to do play wise. All I can do is play what I see coming. Ya know

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Drives me nuts.

Some games I MVP.

Some games I can’t kill anyone or hit the broadside of a barn.

It’s me I guess. :woman_shrugging:


@Slipping_Flames this. 100.


May explain why a 4ms feels so delayed for me while a 49ms feels like butter.

Every. Damn. Time.


There are many replays I have of glowing pellet marks on the enemy, with no damage done. That’s what I recommend looking for in these cases to see if your side of the game shows you landing pellets or not, and it’s just crummy TC netcode to blame. My ping is consistently below 50ms, and if I’m lucky I’ll be in a sub 30ms lobby, but even then hit detection might as well be RNG when I see pellet burn marks on the opponent with no damage done.

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your ping is too low

Anyone who wants to know more about how the Gears of War netcode works, read this article and all its parts here: (not sure if posting links is allowed?)

If you want to fix this specific problem, you either need to play with people closer to you, so there’s less lag, or they need to bring back the hated “update” gnasher trade, which allows both players to get the kill even if one player’s input reaches the server first.

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Perfectly fine :slight_smile: