Multiple display problems, possible broken options

So I’ve played maybe around 2 hours of the campaign, and I have a few issues and I’m wanting to see if anyone has been experiencing the same problems. Love the game btw, it’s been really fun, loving the campaign and hope to play some more today.

My specs are as follows:

  • i7 4790k
  • 16GB DDR3 1866 CAS9
  • RX Vega 56 Sapphire Pulse with auto-undervolt
  • Windows 10 1903 ver 18362.295
  • AMD Adrenaline Edition driver version 19.9.1 (latest from AMD)

The problems I’m seeing so far are:

  • Fullscreen doesn’t seem to be true fullscreen, or I suspect is not fullscreen as I get a ton of stutter in some places but my frames stay the same. Possibly an issue with fullscreen optimizations in Windows 10, but I don’t actually know how to turn them off on an Xbox Beta PC app as I’m guessing the .exe is encrypted/protected. I had the same issue with Gears 4 and was able to fix it by running through every single graphic setting and setting them from low to ultra one by one and messing with the fullscreen/borderless windowed settings until the FPS counter showed to be locked to my refresh rate (usually flipping back and forth between fullscreen and BW modes).

  • My GPU isn’t being fully utilized, or at least I don’t think it is, as it consistently sits at or around 45-65% usage, possibly due to the game not running at fullscreen?

  • Vsync is completely broken, it doesn’t matter if I disable it, enable it, go windowed (we’ll get to this issue next) and back, it’s never turned on. I have manually set the FPS limit to max FPS 60 and min 30 with cinematic to unlimited. Possibly an issue with the FPS limit I’ve set as I know that other games won’t enable vsync if an FPS limit is set in-game, needs more testing. After testing, I can confirm Vsync is straight up broken and does not function at all. I’ve disabled all FPS limits and toggled fullscreen/windowed and still does not work, also verified I was running as a classic app and as a universal app at high performance in Windows 10. At this point, vsync either doesn’t work with a vega 56, or the game isn’t actually running in exclusive fullscreen.

  • Windowed mode, it’s just broken, nothing more to say. There is no borderless windowed mode (possibly due to the first problem) and when changing to Windowed mode the resolution drops down to like 1180x1024 and this is apparently the 100% resolution scale??? Yeah that’s not right…it’s just completely broken, nothing more to say here.

  • Moving the app to a secondary drive borks the installation and you will have to reinstall the game. I attempted to move the game over to my SSD with my OS and the game was broken. It was telling me to install some “game services” through the Microsoft store which were already installed and then it wouldn’t launch. Not sure if this is a Gears thing or a Windows thing, but I don’t want to break any other apps to test.

Well these are my major issues, anyone else experiencing similar problems? I forgot to mention I did get the game moved to my SSD and that helped the stuttering a bit but it’s still noticeable. I have a 4TB NAS drive with a nice sized cache on the controller and this is the only game I’ve had massive stuttering with in terms of game performance. Again I want to point out I’m really enjoying the game a ton, the issues are more of an annoyance than a game breaker, but it’s still affecting my enjoyment a little bit and I want to get to the bottom of the problems. Any help from devs would be greatly appreciated!