Multiplayer XP Update

EDIT: Apologies, I was so mad about this, I made this thread before checking. Apparently several people are pissed off and already made threads.

I just… I can’t even… I am so freaking frustrated right now…

These update notes explain that TC were receiving complaints that the 60,000 XP challenge for totems was causing people pain in unlocking new characters. The complaint is centered around Versus-only players feeling like they were being forced to play Horde and/or Escape because there was a multiplier added to those modes that yielded much more experience than Versus.

Okay, fine. They were right. It was near impossible to unlock totems playing only Versus, or at least it took far too long.

Therefore, the BRILLIANT solution that TC comes up with is… nerf Horde and Escape experience. They removed the modifier for those modes.

So now, guess what? EVERYBODY is going to feel the pain of slower totem unlocks.

Why WHY WHY didn’t they just, you know… boost Versus XP gains? Why not increase XP for one mode rather than decrease it for TWO modes? TC is literally devastating the XP gain for 2/3 of their player base to “help” the other 1/3, but they didn’t even help them… they just spread the pain!

The update notes mention that this “may not be permanent based on community feedback.” Well, consider this thread to be your community feedback. REVERSE this update, put Horde and Escape XP back to where it was, and BOOST Versus XP!


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