Multiplayer weapon tuning and aim assist

The official word from Nodezero. What’s everyone’s thoughts about the aim assist?

I’ve never really felt the aim assist tbh but it’s there on Core at the moment.

So will be exactly the same as when I play KOTH in 5.

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The lack of aim assist pretty much means there’s 2 separate tunings. That’s how much aim assist can affect Gears movement. I found this out when switching to a mouse and having to reevaluate how I do shots involving movement and cover.

This is SOO good to hear. I honestly never liked the comp. tuning in Gears 4. The gnasher felt far too weak and incosistent. The game just felt FAR, FAR different then all the other Gears of War games.

Because of the immensely close damage dropoff in competitive tuning, too many fights ended in 1 shot gibs. I usually prefer staying just out of 1 shot range of the gnasher so I can 2 shot my opponent without getting gibbed in duels. In comp., it’s hard to guage how much damage you’ve dealt in Gears 4 due to inconsistency, so staying at a range where you can reliably 2 shot an opponent just wasn’t feasible most of the time.

Damage markers and 1 single weapon tuning will alleviate these issues so I can enjoy me some ranked Escalation! Can’t wait for Gears 5!


That’s kind of my thought as well. I wonder if it will be a noticeable difference.

Doubt it.

I think they would have gone middle of the road tbh.

Shame, I prefer Core but will adjust accordingly.

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A single tuning, mainly resembling Core. Good. Victory. Now Gears can get back on track with weapons tunings.


Comp was uncomfortable untill you played a couple of days. Then you can realize how right it feels without that stupid one second and one shot deaths. You can move with Comp rather freely, evade instant deaths in 1vs2 or even 1vs3 scenarios. I’m talking right now as a person who played just a couple of days with Comp tuning just to try Escalation. But Comp modes became nearly dead in EU region, so it was just a small experience for me. I don’t think it was ideal, no, but it was pretty interesting to try and play.


what tuning does the gears5 Gnasher use?

Brand new shiny tuning.

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Yeah, sorry.
Need to edit my post, thank’s)
Oh god that was so…stupid.

im asking what direction does it lean.

is it closer to core or competitive?

They haven’t said tbh.

We should find out on Friday with simple testing.

its hard to tell watching these guys because i dont know if its core tuning or they’re just hitting their shots so well.


My thoughts as well. Are they just that accurate or is the tuning.

What’s everybody’s thoughts on shocks finally being super useful?

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The tuning looks like Competitive tuning from Gears 4. Honestly shotgun looks weaker than Competitive tuning from Gears 4.

Definitely didn’t look like core tuning to me.

Dunno what you were watching, people were getting gibbed from like 10 ft, and downed from that range too. That’s not comp tuning.

I mean i just watched a clip where a guy took three shotgun blasts before he went down. Most of those shots would have been a one shot kill in Core tuning.

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