Multiplayer the last couple of days

Just wanted to say that verses has performed really well the last couple of days. I don’t know what has been done…but keep it up TC. You hear a lot of negative, from me as well…so here is some positive.


You mean the matchmaking is properly now?

Omg. It’s horrible. Terrible spongeing! Unplayable! It was fine yesterday. I don’t know what hot fix TC did. But it’s terrible now!


Has there been a hot fix lately on the gnasher? I played multiplayer 2 days ago. Play was OK. Tonight. OMG. Crazy ridiculous spongeing. Direct hits to face with gnasher no register. Two direct shots to body with gnasher no register. 4 to 5 shots with gnasher just to get a down. Not the kill.

I noticed that Xbox players one shot me every time. My fellow PC players have said the same. How can you play this game throwing grapefruits??? Hey T.C.! Can you quit buffing the gnasher useless for PC players? Thanks. Unplayable till then!

Edited title and will put recent feedback in here, keen to see how it is playing for people.

@OxSIDExEROUS game was like that for me a couple days ago. Its actually very tempestuous. Obviously you know that. More than likely my gameplay performance is more than likely due to getting match made with people with good ping. But when its good, its good.

Has anyone gone back to playing verses after playing horde frenzy for a while? What an awful experience verses is! You shoot nothing comes out your gun or you’re firing feathers, enemy players glitching around the map, lack of sound for enemy foot steps and some weapon (grenades, dropshot, every other round shot with embar). Hard aim shoot someone only to do 50%ish damage while at the same range I get gibbed from them.
I played 2 games and was like screw this and went back to horde frenzy. No idea how I put up with ranked for so long, what a joke.

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My take on “spongeing” is very specific for PC players… And should not be generalized in general mutlyplayer.

You got 50ish on hard aim? I get Nothing!

That’s because I stopped playing versus after getting all 85 medals. My connection is no longer messing up the servers. You’re welcome.

@spearian you are dead on with the audio. Its been bad lately. I don’t hear someone coming until they stick a gun in my ear. That is a recent problem. I’ve found, from my personal experiences, that the quality of my verses matches is solely dependent on the other players internet. I’m on fiber with really really low ping. If I have anybody over 80 ms or so…especially if their connection is swinging wildly, those are the terrible matches… Poor hit reg is all related to poor lag comp software and laggy players. If everybody’s internet is stable with good ping, the match usually plays really well.