Multiplayer Skins that have yet to see the daylight between Gears4 - Gears5

Last Seen

Jace Stratton ——————-- Gears UE
Chairman Prescott ————-Gears UE
Adam Fenix ———————— Gears UE
Michael Barrick ——————Gears 3
Alicia Valera ——————— Gears 3
Sofia Hendrick —————— Gears Judgement
Ezra Loomis ——————-- Gears Judgement
Alex Brand ————————Gears Judgement
Mikayla Dorn ——————— Gears Tactics
Sid Redburn ———————- Gears Tactics

Dominic Santiago - (V-Day)=(Gears3)
Augustus Cole - (V-Day)=(Gears3)
Damon Baird - (V-Day)=(Gears3)
Garron Paduk - (V-Day)=(Gears Aftermath)
Unarmored Marcus - (Gears UE)
Augustus Cole - (Judgment)
Marcus Fenix - (Judgment)
Dom Sanitiago - (Judgment)
Tai Kaliso - (Jungle)=(Judgment)
Onyx Guard Male - (Judgment)
Onyx Guard Female - (Judgment)

Beast Rider ———————Gears 2
Skorge ——————— Gears 2 Multiplayer Version
Golden Miner —————— Gears UE
Golden Miner ——————Gears 3
Golden Hunter —————-Gears UE
Hunter —————————Gears 3
Hunter Elite ———————Gears UE
Miner —————————- Gears UE
Savage Hunter —————- Gears 3
Savage Marauder ———— Gears 3
Spotter ————————— Gears UE
Rager-(Before rage) ——-Gears Judgement


I’m still waiting for a gears 2 Myrrah PvP skin.


You’ve missed

  • Savage Theron
  • Savage Marauder,
  • Savage Grenadier
  • Savage Drone
  • Savage Kantus
  • Theron Sentinel
  • Unmasked Theron

Read the topic again
I’m not talking about skins that have made it in Gears4 - Gears5

Oh heck, it’s the self proclaimed “King of Skins” again😂

Unmasked Theron , alongside helmetless UIR, were one of the most lazy cheap and ridiculous pack fillers.

Back on Gear 3 Theron guards used to lose their helmet when they receive a headshot.

Personaly I would be happy if I never EVER see those two again. Just need Barrick to make his comeback that’s all I need

I’d be so happy if they added Barrick and Adam Fenix. I loved using those characters in Gears 3.

Beast Rider’s in the tour, but I guess you’re meaning the Grenadier variation.