Multiplayer skins look bad in the story cutscenes

I noticed that with the update that added the ability to use multiplayer skins in the campaign, they literally just load in the in-game model without any cinematic lighting and facial features in cutscenes that would be present if you use the skin that lines up with the mission. There is just a serious lack of detail with multiplayer skins in the cutscenes This is my first time doing anything like this so I don’t know if TC devs actually read these, but I would really like to see this addressed if possible.

Hate to break it to ya, but it’s been that way since before the PvP skins were added. The lighting has always been off. You can look up old cutscene vids that have the highest resolution and you’ll see the lighting on the face and in the mouth always looked “off.” The only time that I personally think the cutscenes looked good were when the 5-6 minute release trailer dropped (the one with Kait and team right after Oscar gets killed)… that was rendered differently, and the lighting and everything looked better. Even when the OG looking warden was shown in that trailer, he looked much better and less cartoony.