Multiplayer PVP Suttering

I have experienced FPS drop downs and stuttering when I play multiplayer PVP only. This happens randomly but usually when another player is near of my position., the FPS goes down dramatically from 120+ to 40-50. I already disabled the antivirus (kaspesky) and the problem presist.

My PC specs are:
Ryzen 3700X
RX 6700 XT
32 GB of RAM @ 3000MHz
and the game it’s installed in a SSD.

I thought this was a GPU driver issue. I am not discarting problems with my internet connection, but other games works fine.

In the picture below the FPS drops down when the GPU and Picture time (milliseconds) have increased.

I’m on the series x and there is suttering too… Server issues live

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Yeah on my 3080 I see drops as low as 10 but as high as 40-50.

Played on all various settings and nothing really keeps it from happening.

This is the only game I have that issue with.

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Believe me it’s most likely not your pc i have a 2080RTX and 32gb of RAM too and in the main menu i get mad frame drop from 144 to about 5-25. I don’t experience this in the multiplayer as much but there is instances where it happens, though it did not appear before OP6 drop. Alot of my friends on PC have experience the same problems.

In conclusion it’s definitely Server Sided. Hopefully they address and fix it upon the next few updates.

@TC_Sera @TC_MichaelAOS could you bring this up ? Thanks!


I get the same issues but in horde. Running at 60fps then all the way down from 20 to 30 constantly, used to be able to run this game at 90 to 120fps in OP5. Downgraded my drivers to 436.02 and the problem went away for weeks. All of a sudden they’re back and no downgrade or upgrade of my drivers are fixing the issue. Thanks TC :blush:

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Yeah i’m not sure what happened but during Operation 5 it was running at steady 120-144fps for me not sure what the problem is.

When Tomb first dropped that map played terribly. Somewhat better now.

Also a weird skip at beginning of matches for like the first 30 seconds.

It’s not an issue where I am hindered / losing Bc of it. Just annoying to see my frames hit 140 then dip to 100. Quite silly.

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Dude I just dropped my resolution to 1280x720, went with high instead of ultra and still got the same lag issues. Embarrassing mess of code

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Yeah I run mostly high for everything. Played low, medium, ultra through the NVIDIA graphics controller. Nothing changes the performance well enough to keep it stable in versus.

Gears is the only game with major drops / poorer performance with my set up. I have just learned to play with it at this point.

Well, looks like this is a connection issue. The weird thing is this wasn’t happening a few months ago, the last year I was playing with a RTX 2080 Super and the with a RX 5500 XT and this never happened. Looks like Microsoft it’s having issues with their servers recently.

Thanks for your help. I will play other game in the mean time, because aside from this I am have terrible experience with the gnasher, so inconsistent and some times I am not able to hit the oponent or do any kind of damage. I think this server issues could be impact the performance.