Multiplayer only stutter/micro stutter

Multiplayer is a stuttering mess on the windows 10 store version of this game! I see thread after thread of people having this same issue & there has been no good solution of fixing this horrendous issue. We pay good money for these games just to have un optimized games. Please for the love of god Coalition update your game so we can enjoy this master piece! I have tried at least 25 different apparent fixes and none have worked at all. I am going to sadly switch over to gross console to play the multiplayer. Campaign runs like a dream & so does Horde mode.

OS - 19042.928 - 20H2 [is latest build]
Core - i7 10700k 5.1ghz
ram - 64gb 3200 MHz
GPU - 2060 super 8gb
PSU- 750w

And no reply/fix yet lol

Ya it’s basically become unplayable for my friend and I. I’m not sure if Coalition just can’t get it together or they genuinely can’t get Nvidia drivers to work with them.

Nvidia users seem to be the most effected by the issues but either way TC needs to get it together. For now I’m steering clear of Gears till it’s fixed.

Shame was somewhat excited for op8 given it’s the last one.