Multiplayer is unplayable with the lancer in it

Gears isn’t gears when everyone just runs around and sprays with a lancer. I 'm not one to just be only the gnasher but when your playing against people only ONLY using Lancer, it’s unplayable. You die way to quick. It should be used to zone. Not to ■■■■■■■ down in a 3sec spray. ■■■■ Multiplayer…


Weapon damages across the board need to be toned down a touch. It’s much needed.


Everything is OP, rifles have deep noobified mechanics, larger clip, higher damage, less bloom, longer range.

The MP department has no idea how to make a fun game.


aww, people not playing the way you want it to be played? Tough sht, lancer is iconic to gears and not everyone is a sweaty wallbouncing tryhard abusing strafe.


That’s true, especially since Cliffy B and many other developers who made Gears of war including the ones that are now with TC never made a rule that a gnasher is what makes the game cause that’s something made up by the players particularly the toxic ones who are hardcore elitists. But I will admit that there definitely needs to be some tweaking for the damage on all weapons besides the lancer.


90% of the time if someone has an angle on you for half a second, you couldn’t even make a single cover switch (just wrapping around one corner) before you get downed, even if you had robot reactions . Gotta love when the game doesn’t even give you the possibility of counterplay.

They finally got their wish, Gears of Duty, too bad everyone is just going to play the real CoD when it comes out.


More health or less damage is needed.
Fights are over too quickly


Indeed, I had to think hard to come up with something this try hard

lol my nephews and nieces can think of more creative names than something like “Dogg_Egg” :rofl:

Stop making personal attacks on other users. Thank you.


No, we’ve never met before kid, I just liked your name.
If you were here for real I would say the same, Is that better?

While I do find myself saying the cliche “Lancer noob” line when I get killed by it, I also understand the Gnasher isn’t the ONLY gun in the game. If you find yourself consistently getting killed by the Lancer, try using it yourself or don’t run out into the open where you’ll get melted by it.

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Sure thing kiddo, you’re probably no older than my cousin from my father’s side of the family whose only 10.

Ok so lets play all of us behind a wall just lancering people, funniest game ever.

God I hope they don’t let you babysit

lol as if you know me as a person and what I do, and yes I do babysit from time to time and I get along with them very well thank you very much :wink:

I never said only use the lancer. My point was that if you find yourself consistently getting killed by it, maybe you should consider changing up your playstyle. So far in gears 5 I haven’t had any consistent issues of dying to the lancer. My main way of fragging is still the Gnasher. While the gnasher is the main weapon of choice in multiplayer, the game is called Gears of War not Gnashers of War. People will use other weapons and you need to learn how to counter them and communicate with your team.


They need a separate BETA playlist where you can play with upcoming changes before they change too much,

You get along very well with them and then winky face?!? are you trying to scare me?

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You haven’t really been on the internet that long have you kid? :rofl: