Multiplayer is still crap

I absolutely have had it with this game. I keep hearing about this updates there issuing to “fix” the inconsistent gnasher and bullet adhesion, but still every update just make the gnasher weaker for the players with a good connection and stronger for the players with 70+ ping. Along with a laundry list others that just isn’t worth complaining about anymore, This game is forever ruined. Oh one more thing why is every time there’s an update you fail to fix the real problem, the lag compensation, inconsistencies with weapon damage, movement speed, and the weak *** gnasher that everyone plays the game for??? Its almost like Gears whats us to us the lancer most of the time and the gnasher only in small confined tight areas. If we want to us an assault rifle constantly we would play Call of Duty or Battlefield. Going completely backwards on this game and it’s going to cost you players that have been a fan since Gears 1. I hate this game and refuse to play it until you fix it. I’d be ok with the original release versus if Gears 5 instead of this pathetic versus of crap


Wait till OP3 drops. Then try it. I’m avoiding this game until then. It’s boring and just bad.

I normally wait 2 or 3 weeks and try it again and give it 3 KOTH test games, 1 for a warm up, the two full tilt games. It gotten so bad that; instead of getting so angry I want to break my controller and round house my TV off the wall, I just play Forza, which is sad because I remember the good Ol days, when you could bust a rodeo shot thru someone and weapons slide, and a headshot had to be a headshot not “any part of the on screen sight is close its automatically a headshot” but I feel the Gears legacy is dead with TC versus of crap

Try playing something other than koth. Koth is soooo boring.

I basically play nothing but 2 v 2 now.

I will play dodgeball when or if its ranked.

There better be atleast 1 new 2 v 2 map. Im hoping for more honestly. Its noy tht hard to make them. So i dont see the issue. Ita the same maps from gears 4.

Give me all fathers centers and all variations. And ill be happy.
I remember on a stream. One of the guys said something avout forge NADES center being a new map. I like it but i want more than tht 1 map.

I haven’t played ranked in weeks… I have given up on PvP in G5, back to mostly Horde, with some coop vs ai every now & again…

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