Multiplayer game modes

So I’ve been mostly playing horde recently, really been enjoying it with a few friends of mine but mostly all I’ve ever played is versus, yesterday me and my friends played and I was hosting (normally I let my friends host) that’s when I noticed that versus mode is lacking game modes in ranked that you can play with multiple friends.

If I’m correct you can only play TDM with one friend even if it’s 4V4, KOTH you can play with a full squad, then we go into 2v2 and FFA, it was actually sad to see that there are almost no game modes for ranked in Gears 5, I understand that yeah there are more game modes available Quickplay and I will admit I don’t know this right now but can’t you only play Quickplay with up to 2 friends (squad of 3) ? Also some variety is the spice of life, even if some of those game modes aren’t played as much as KOTH or TDM don’t remove them, I for a fact know that people have always played Guardian, not even Escalation was available on the ranked game modes.

I just think that there should be more game modes available to play on ranked.


I think current ranked Game mode setup is right, on any mode you dont have to wait too long. Community isnt so spread out between modes just like in op2.

I would like to see Gridiron in ranked too just to have 1 life elimination game mode for more than 2 players in team.

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yeah, it is tragic

you could play dodgeball, koth, tdm and guardian at any time in gears 4 and never have trouble finding a game


are you reading this TC?

how many forum/social media posts do you need to act on this complaint?


I don’t understand why.

@bmbr1990 I mean that’s fine for the king community to have players forced onto their mode if they want to play a ranked match in Gears. Or quit gears altogether.

Most people just quit gears & it’s unacceptable just because they cater to 1 population of ranked players.

It takes me 4 minutes to pair in a match & it’s always been around that time. The timer says 2 minutes but is over 2 minutes then refreshes back to zero & counts again, so I don’t get how people are saying it’s faster when it’s just about the same.

The match making has improved but that’s about it.


I’m sorry I don’t think it’s right, I have way to many friends that only played TDM with their friends and yes TDM is still on the list (again I don’t know if the game mode can be played with a full squad of 4 but I remember reading that it’s 4v4 and only 2 people can be in the same squad) but since it changed in my friend list almost no one plays Gears 5.

I also have friends that love Guardia and hit Masters on Guardian back when it was on ranked and I don’t think anyone can really say Dodgeball wasn’t played on Gears of War 4 since I always played it along with KOTH and Escalation.

I just feel it’s sad to say that this game even has versus multiplayer when the only game mode that you can play in ranked with more than 1 other friend is KOTH.


Because people actually played gears 4 because gears 4 didn’t suck as a gears game 5 is just a worse gears that many fans don’t play for many reasons

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I’d love guardian in ranked, always very popular in quick play so that shows to me


It’s been a while since I played, we have a new operation but we still don’t have more game modes in ranked, really sucks that my friends that only liked TDM also quit the game cause they can’t squad up.

Literally they could just add guardian to ranked it’s been in gears since forever.