Multiplayer Focus

Stuns needs to be shortened
Hip fire needs to be harder its to wasy to kill people with no skill
Match making needs to be fixed! This is a big joke atm. Im getting 20k points mvp carrying my team and going town win or loss!
Meatshields need to be stronger
Mace should be weaker or less power
Another shell to the gnasher should be added

These need to all be fixed or multiplayer will die.

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2 more at least.

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Just for good measure

So killing somebody without the aid of a reticle takes no skill, but LT does? How?


Ive played every gears this is by far the most newb friendly game. THERE are too many newbs walking and just hip firiing

I still don’t understand the claim. How is hip firing a noob tactic? Doesn’t the notion of blind firing accurately entail a degree of skill?

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In other words the bullet spread is too big imo!..