Multiplayer Customization + Progression Ideas [Huge Graphic inside]


(iRespect L8) #21

perfect bro.

(Fang18) #22

You know, when gears two came out, I chose my character by the skill level i displayed that day.
Example as the Locust:
I would always start off a plain old Drone, always
If I did well I would go on to the sniper
Basically just a drone but with goggles
If I really kicked tail I would go up to Theron guard
If I was terrible well then I just remained a drone
You get the picture

So the idea of character customizations in this game really excites me lol

(Buster McTunder) #24

Nice, tried to propose a modular system forever but now you’ve made a visual, easier to understand and much wanted.

Upvote for Gears 5, would love this system.

(CheckD4T56) #25

To be honest I was afraid of this idea, but you’ve done great work with the visuals and explanation that I can actually feel good about your ideas. Thanks for the visuals.:+1: