Multiplayer Customization + Progression Ideas [Huge Graphic inside]


(W01VER) #1

Hey Guys,
The Excitement for Gears 5 is only going to increase until it releases so i decided to channel mine into making this. I’m sure with how much of a game you play, you’ll start to notice some things that you wish could be different. Personally, i love character customization, nothing is more enjoyable than making your character the closest representation of how you want to look while killing grubs. In addition, I miss the aspect of Earning characters and weapons from past games. i whipped up this image to give you an idea about how i’d want Customization and Progression to look like in 5! Hope you like it.

Here’s a little something more to add. This one shows how armor parts could work with Notable characters while keeping the customization tasteful. also includes how Gears packs could be changed to work with the modular custom parts.

(III EnVii III) #2

What image?

(W01VER) #3

Had to find a way to fit it in the post, It’s huge! it’s up now.

(Asurazu Rasu) #4

Feel like it’d be much easier for them to just let us add the flame grenadier mask to the elite rather than making an entire new char, making it craftable, judging the rarity, the price, etc.

So yeah this system of collection seems pretty good.

(III EnVii III) #5

Cool, I can see it now :+1:

Looks good :raised_hands:

(Aziz XXCOOLXX) #6

I like this, I Hope they do just like this in the next game!

(xFribbo) #7

I upvote on this, hope TC will bring progression back.

(mizzelphug) #8

I think the tomato was a nice touch. :tomato::tomato:

(RC 5052) #9

That graphic looks amazing and we’ll put together. Also, I love the idea of making custom characters with existing pieces that can only be applied after the skin has been unlocked. I really hope TC takes notice of your idea because it’s awesome and efficient

(xL1L LEGENDx) #10

This is actually a good idea!


I think this would be great especially adding certain in game earn able cosmetics to change characters instead of having to add new characters as a whole like maybe savage characters can have their own challenges to unlock cosmetics for lets say the Locust drone instead of having to add in a whole new character

(Embry Starred) #12

Would absolutely love this I love doms armor and wish I could put it on marcus without a doorag ala unarmored marcus personally I think it’s long overdue in the gears series just look at halo 3 and above

(W01VER) #13

Exactly my thoughts as well,

  • Earn base characters through progression, level 10 / 15 / 20, etc.
  • Complete Character challenges to unlock different variants of the character, like base Dom “10 knife kills” could earn you commando Dom skin.
  • Smaller batches of new content, like helmets, head options, arms, armor pieces, could be acquired through packs. (if they want to continue the Microtransactions, which they probably will in some form.)


Base E day gear and challenges equals onyx guard cosmetics to change e day gear into onyx guard and what about rarer characters are harder to earn so lets say to unlock Gears 1 Marcus you have to make it to a certain re up level like lets say re up 5 level 50 and the rewards are different every level after re uping so if you got Reyna Diaz at lvl 80 then Re up 1 lvl 80 would be something different

(JITheThunder) #15

Customization in gear characters = gears of Japan and China.

(III EnVii III) #16

One day, when I’m old, I hope I have a greenhouse full of Tomatos.

(thatkidmike74) #17

we need progressions back to create sort someething to grind to

(baconman886) #18

Great step in the right direction. I like this OP. I like the idea of customizing my own gear. Hoping TC takes your ideas and makes them work.

(G1 I Sideswipe) #19

Not sure on the mixing and matching pieces, but I’m all aboard for unlocking character variants through the base character! Hope TC implements a system like this.

(The Munkey) #20

(Imagines Big Rig Dizzy with OG Cowboy hat)

I can get behind this. :+1: