Multiplayer Connection To Server Problems

For a couple of weeks now I have been experiencing some unplayable kind of lag in multiplayer versus(mostly). It started to become consistent abruptly. As I have researched I believe it is a packet loss problem but it is only with Gears 5 specifically. I have played Gears of War 4 recently with no issue and COD cold war etc., no problem with lag at all or chopping. I have always invested in the best internet services so this is new to me. The lag is like a chopping effect. One min a player is once place then they teleport to another, Sometimes the connection problem is immediately once I start a versus match and sometimes it takes a 2nd game to start. It is very consistent in Competitive versus. If I stop lagging in a game it will lag me all the way out of a game in 4-5mins then when I join back the lag starts all over again, many times worse than the first lag session. It first started while I was in the middle of playing I believe my second time on the map “Ritual”. Maybe a couple days after those map releases. Some time went by and for a few hours I wasn’t even able to play gears multiplayer at all. When I I was able to play again, its been lagging ever since.

I have google fiber internet and I am plugged directly into the modem. I have an xbox series X and every time I do a speed test my download and upload on Xbox is 450 mb download and upload without any packet loss. The lag many times is quite sporadic, I can be in the game play fine and out of no where it just starts tweaking out of no where. I have loads video of what I am experiencing as it is quite depressing. When it is happening my ping will be 20-35 and speed test will be 400-500 upload and download in Xbox systems but I will be getting the packet loss indicator in-game. I got google fiber tech support online and they made my xbox more of a priority and nothing changed the gameplay. I have loads and loads of recordings of what I am experiencing. My connection to every other game is fine, Gears 4 even. I have played on different gamer tags, have played on my original xbox one to which I’m also getting the same lag, factory reset my router 4 different times, a different modem, different/new ethernet cables, different monitors. I have not been able to figure out why I am lagging except for the servers being the problem. When I don’t lag in a game my ping is between 1-10. Some games I don’t lag at all but they are rare to find. It’s like certain players or certain servers do not support smooth gameplay for me. My google fiber app as well is saying my xbox has a great connection. Has anyone else experienced this?Insane Lag

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I am experiencing this too. 650down/650up with open NAT directly connected to the router with eth6 cable. Lag, lag, lag… sometimes I am lucky and the room works well… and that is when I get standard kills… but that happen 10% of the time.

It is a super frustrating game experience…


The servers believe it or not, cater to the players with the highest packet loss or latency to the chosen server to host the match. This means that your spectacular speeds do not mean anything to how you perform… and yes I know this as factual

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I’ve investigated a little bit why my network performance was so bad. I’m currently running my internet over an Asus router. realized that amount of traffic consumed by the Xbox is minimal. I’ve enabled QoS prioritizing traffic from the XBox IP and enabled asus game mode.

There is also huge impact in network traffic prioritization when the cable TV is turned on. I’m my case, that traffic is always routed using a high-prio VLan that cannot be changed… so I’ve turned it off.

I was playing more comfortable today…. Still some lags but it was way better than it used to be.

I am just seeing this due to giving up on Gears 5. It is definitely unplayable for me however today, I tried again today and I have a particular pattern in its performance. Every time I start a game I get a bad connection indicator. Only when I join a game where my ping is below 10 will I not lag. Anything above 20 ping and I’m in for a long game. I lag most in competitive server gameplay. The lag is more consistent in Control or any lobby holding more than 4 people total. I seem to have the least amount of lag in 2v2 Gnasher. I do not experience really any lag in private lobbies, just matchmaking games.

Here is some more of what it looks like. I have tons and tons of lag video.

I’m struggling to think of a time where the servers have been constantly OK.

For a game like gears where it’s such fine margins it’s unacceptable & causes the type of frustration where you just simply uninstall & move on to other games…… strangely enough said games have perfect servers.

I would agree. Everything connection wise is indicating that I should be having a good game and connection but the game itself wont be showing it. My friends thing someone I played hacked my ip and did something. I did have a history of beating people in the game however i am not unsportsmanlike.

Have you heard of someone being able to hack like that?

No update on this I guess?

Very similar issues on my end: google fiber with the game telling me I have a ping of 30 or less in match. Practically zero network traffic on my end as everyone else is asleep. Upon loading into the game immediate and consistent lag in every ranked match. Not as consistent in quick play, but still pretty common. I have gone from playing nightly to playing a couple of hours a week as it is no fun to guess where your opponent actually is.

Google fiber as well here with the same issues. On weekends the problem is minimal during the week days it’s 99% of my ranked experience, happened less in quick for some reason. I have no idea what to do tbh.

I found a fix for my game. I bought an asus router 3000 and put a vpn on the router. Nordvpn to be exact. I connected to the best server near me. Ever since my problem has been resolved. Let me know if you want to connect to walk you through it if you are interested.