Multiplayer competitive modes with co op

I don’t care about horde campaign or escape I just wanna know if I can split screen with my wife competitive multiplayer like escalation?

Yes you can. Did it just the other night. Smaller screen makes it a little annoying, but it works fine

If you’re on Xbox*

If you’re on pc, you’ll need two computers and two displays etc :roll_eyes:

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Hm, I assumed that since he said split screen he meant Xbox.

It’s sad that people find it surprising when PC and split screen are mentioned (not you in particular).

There are so many games that don’t support splitscreen on PC and it’s really frustrating.

Yeah, I can’t think of a game I play that you could or would want to split screen on PC. Never really tried since I’ve got an extra laptop around so it’s never been an issue

Then again, most of my pc games are blizzard, so…yeah