Multiplayer Challenges

So, I have been thinking about something that could be pretty cool for multiplayer in Gears 5…

I would love to see a challenge system where you unlock characters/skins/emblems and the such. I have two ideas of ways this could be done. The first one is a system where you have to complete certain challenges and at the end of these challenges you get a reward. So for example, if you wanted to work on the “Delta Squad Set” to get a character from delta squad or a weapon skin theme from delta squad the first challenge would be “play 5 exe matches” and then youd get a reward. A new challenge would appear like “execute 10 enemy players” and youd get a reward. All the way down to a certain tier where you get to choose 1 character from delta squad like “Classic Marcus”. Then the challenges would all reset and become harder. So if you wanted to get all of delta squad you’d have to work your ■■■ off doing these challenges to get the characters you’d want. I am just using delta squad as an example but there could be diamond sets and emerald sets and whatever kind of set you want. I think this would be a fun way to get characters instead of just opening packs and praying you get the one you want.
The other idea I have is much simpler. You would just do challenges and get reward tokens to spend on items you wanted…

Hopefully we see something cool in Gears 5 like this! Tell me what you guys think!

So basically like the challenges they’ve been doing already? Like the classic golden gear, emerald and diamond gear and the ruby/diamond gear.

Yeah, basically. But instead of doing it through the achievement system have an actual in game system. Like putting it in the war journal or something.

Ahhh ok you should’ve been more specific, but yeah it would be better if it was in the War journal.

They probably will make the change to make it claimable in-game in Gears 5.

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It’s kind of like RDR 2 Online. They have a boat load of challenges and you earn belt buckles. Each level like Bronze, Silver and Gold nets you a certain amount of XP. Not a bad idea but I would make it a lot more than a few kills or something rather. Maybe like 100 or so.

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Yeah totally should be waaaay more than what I said, just usin that as an example. I’m really hoping they do something like this. They have already started with the emerald gear and such but a progession system like this would be way cooler.

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So like, kind of like expanding on what Gears 3 already had, that they took out for the RNG pack system that they make so much money off from idiots that drops thousands on cosmetic items?

Sounds reasonable.