Multikills should be worth GP

So the new patch notes have drop for the updated GP. It’s definitely an improvement, but could still be modified to reward the good vs the best players. I’d suggest that Multikills like doubles, triples, quads, and quints should be a factor. Let’s be real, getting multikills in any mode is a clutch factor that changes the game. I feel like in a match if someone gets a quint in ranked they should be rewarded. Maybe like a bonus GP at the end of the match or something. Of course then can cap the amount of multikills that could reward the player. Like maybe 5 doubles, 5 triples, etc. Idk the amount would vary per mode. I feel like this would increase the skill gap of players on the score board and the MVP would truly be MVP. Also at the end of a match should be able to see a GP breakdown per player showing how they got to where they are (when they see the got the same amount of kills/caps/ or what ever they’ll than see they got 10 double kills, 4 triples, 2 quads, and 2 quints) there’s no arguing who mvp there. Like I notice there people that play just to meet the GP requirements (like going for rings caps/breaks when the ring only has like 5 points like wtf thats not for the win thats personal gain), and getting multikills isn’t something you could really farm, or get to easily when going against a good team which could decrease the value of those players farming GP and reward the true players putting in work. Even highest K/D/ killstreaks should be a factor too. what do y’all think?

Added: to avoid exploits, Kills need to be worth more GP than eliminations, and who ever gets the down should get the kill (like apex)

Is it the case , outside of bronze / sikver, that you will always lose points if you lose the match, and you will never lose points if you win?

I don’t know, people already go out of their way to yoink downed enemies for the elim even if it 's to the detriment of whatever play is going on. I don’t think that sort of thing needs to be further incentivized even if they can’t reliably exploit it.

Yeah it is the case, I’ve been on teams where I carry them for the win yet they get the same amount of points as me or close enough. Of course there needs to be balancing on the GP so that it doesn’t make ranked too easy. Players should still lose points at higher tiers when they lose or get 0 points like they currently have it. Again this is just to show whos good and whos great and will increase the skill gap in higher tiers. Rn there are players that get carried to the top. Also i added in to the main post, but Kills & eliminations (assist) need to award separate GP. Along with making it that whoever downs the enemy gets the kill even though a teammate finished them to avoid rewarding players that just steal kills for eliminations (which i notice a lot of players do)

I agree. It has always been a very annoying thing to me… dropping an enemy just to have some teammate either jump in front of my shot so I can’t finish the kill or see that I’m goin for an execution & they put some lancer (or whatever ranged weapon) fire into them just to get the kill.

This has always been a sore subject with me… I even remember playing with my clan in other games like halo 3 & reach. There was this guy who used to join our game if he saw us grouped up. He’d sit further back and watch all of us put shots into enemies & once he’d see the enemy’s shield pop, he’d put shots into them (usually timing it when we’d have to do a quick reload) and steal the kill. Safe to say, all of us (it was usually a group of 6 of us who were friends with him) eventually started showing as offline then one by one we wound up deleting him off our friends list.

Anyway, just a lil story for ya, but point is this… anyone who actively steals kills and doesn’t work for the kill (usually just to beef up their k/d) really pisses me off! I get why TC added elims, but it does encourage kids (even ppl who don’t respect the person who downed the enemy) to play like that cause they think it’s not a big deal. New players don’t respect the DBNO and they don’t even know the “I’m melee’ing the air in your direction to trigger a 1v1 gnasher battle” anymore. All respect that OG gears knew of is gone and rewarding elims would only make things worse.

I’m totally in agreement wit ya.

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