MTX pricing is ridiculous

I was kind of glad to hear about the changes to MTX and removal of loot boxes in Gears 5 but there was always a lingering concern in the back of my mind about how pricing would work for “direct purchase” content.

The #1 issue I was worried about was that the better looking content would be locked behind a paywall and the very generic ho-hum stuff would be free in our Battle Pass.

the #2 issue was that the paid content would be exorbitantly overpriced

both of these seem to be true. lets start with these two images which show the crazy price of a set of weapons skins and the second which shows how they put the price just out of reach for the $20 option. kind of a slimy practice I would expect from EA or Activision.

now lets look at the rewards for 1st Re-Up and 2nd Re-up. what a letdown. (found via reddit)


Well that’s a dam. Shame for Re-Ups, not even an omen?

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at this point it’s worse than Gears 4 and I thought that was a low bar


I totally agree it’s ridiculous

That pricing just out of reach is scummy.