MS Azure Servers, and Gears 5 Connection Style

So all the major online MS games, all run their multiplayer components on dedicated servers. The Azure servers.

So please answer me this?

Why is it, that out of the Halo titles, Forza games, Sea of Thieves, etc…they ALL work flawlessly, of course a little hiccup here and there, bit for the most part run awesome!

Then we get Gears…on the exact same servers, yet run horribly.

People need to stop putting the blame on MS, as it is not their servers. It’s TC and there horrible MM code.

Ever since Gears 2 launched, The online experience has been plagued by the entire concept of putting multiple regions in the same lobbies,

There has been consistent, and rampant issues because of this, and it has degraded the inline experience for many players.

Are you, TC, finally going to implement a different matchmaking process for Gears 5?

As you know, whether it be Horde, or online VS, the MP components of Gears is what makes your game.

With such subpar connections, a ridiculous ping allowance, and regions that should NOT be playing with other regions at all, how are you going to change all this for a smoother experience in Gears 5?

I don’t want to hear all the hype about rendered ttrees, water effects, landscapes etc…

I want to hear about online MP searching, and pairing

That is what will entice a huge player base to buy Gears 5.

How are you CHANGING the MP connection and stability for the better for your new game?

Tell us this part, and we will listen. Ignore this part, and we will ignore your game. Plain and simple.

A smooth online experience, will make players want to buy packs, and earn credits for packs.

If your online experience doesn’t change, why would anyone want to get packs, when the online is not stable enough on a daily basis, to give the player confidence to buy said packs?

Let us , the payer’s know, how you are FIXING the connection component for Gears 5.

How will we be able to search for matches?

Will you institute a LOCAL only search for us, so we can play with people near us, that are on the same internet we are, and that live in the same locale? That right there sets up a common ground, to entice new friendships, and teams.

The guy from England may be nice, and a good player, but when we pay together his connection is horrible reaching over to me in Vancouver, and vice versa.

I don’t want to match in a lobby with 7 dial up connections, because it paired me w your favored player base.

I am on the Canadian West Coast. I WANT to play with other fellow Canadians and Americans, also on the west Coast, and currently your matchmaking does not allow for that.

To show your fansz that you actually give a crap, you should, by all means, tell us how you will be handling the most important part, imo, of Gears…

The connection.


I find for EU, the servers are actually very good.

There are currently two locations with MS adding in a lot more for the EU and other regions.

The issue with this game is the way it handles Lag Comp and how high ping players cause inconsistencies.

All you need is a ping filter to group together similar pings.

However, when people play in squads - its almost impossible to police this.

In short, theres not much TC can do except improve the netcode.

This has been an issue with every Gears game.


It has, I know.

However, this needs to be at the forefront, when trying to sell us Gears 5. Not let it longer in the shadows.

As it stands now, allowing up to 250ms to be considered ok for online MM, is just flat out ignorance. When anyone +/- more than 30ms from me is hard to deal with a lot of the time, let alone +/- 200ms lol.

They need to convince us they are taking care of the major faults in the MP components.

Quit penalties for leaving cancerous lobbies
Local search ability
Ability to block entire regions from your search pool
Have current lobbies show up in a list style, and pick the one best for you, ala BF style

Exactly, they need to let the players choose.

250ms is just crazy.

I would want a “Quality” search option, to group other similar players together. This cant be activated or used if someone in your party falls out of these parameters.









This way, everyone should get consistent games.

But would TC do something like this?



I hate to draw the comparison, but that what CoD would do, even for its P2P match making.

When searching for a game it would ALWAYS search, and easily find me match >50ms in a heartbeat.


I don’t get it either. To have such a widespread issue with connectivity, some greater problem is at hand.

something needs to be done. i cannot play this game anymore on ranked the whole week has just ruined gears 4 for me. one sponging player is bad enough but i face two or three every match now. sick of hearing myself complain. everything feels a lot worse.

something like halo 5 has where you can manually choose best connection or fastest search. Instead of qos matchmaking we can cross out the servers we dont want to connect to aswell. Seeing how many in my region and worldwide again would be nice.

i think if people lag out, they should get kicked like pub g and the character just stays there to be destroyed until they re-connect, not become immortal. people will be plugging in that lan cable.

I don’t understand why they locked down regions and then MM goes ahead and puts me on different ones outside my region anyway.

Ok, if I can’t choose to connect to other regions I should be able to choose to not connect to them as well.

Plus you can get around this anyway -just have someone from that region Host the squad party and the system only checks the first player it seems.

I’ve always voiced that you should be able to toggle Quality or Fast as search options.

Me neither at least when we could choose our region, my small squad could choose the best server for us all to keep ping down, now one of us ends up completely out of region ruining the game for everyone. They create a new matchmaking system then Microsoft pushes" looking for game" that contradicts it.

Ranked at least needs some kind of limits like you said because most people do use lfg ignoring matchmaking/quality anyways. How they stand by the ranked calculations and true skill rubbish and ignore a lag/sponge problem that’s been in there from gears 1 is starting to feel like someone looking at me and lying to my face.

Thank the stars they can create a video series of everything else.

I also would like to choose to only play on EU West as that’s the best server for me and the most local.

However I have no control as it does put me on EU East (less of an issue) but when it puts me on US servers it’s something that I wish I don’t have to deal with …

Something I’ve noticed. There can be some really questionable things going on when everyone’s ping is fine. Ping is NOT the only variable that causes lag in this game in my experience as I have seen it time and time again.

As far as the issues present in gears that don’t seem to be there in other FPS…based on my limited knowledge and what I’ve read…The fast nature of the game (as opposed to the other titles) creates more of a discrepancy between what’s on screen and what the server sees. More so than other titles. Gears gnasher battles with any kind of bouncing/strafing are unique and create unique problems. My guess is their solution to the problems were generous lag comp to try and even the playing field, but that obviously causes other issues.

Without the lag comp my guess is the higher pinged players would be at such a disadvantage gears would be the most unplayable game out there.

If the sponging and hit detection issues could be resolved through a different net code then one reason why they haven’t fixed it is they have to redo the entire game from the ground up which obviously is expensive as hell and not cost effective at this stage. Only time will tell if they’ve done it with 5. 60hz servers would improve things by a lot more than they care to admit as well. I hope they splurge on those. I won’t keep my hopes up too high though.

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Does anyone know the gears of war 5 servers IP address For Europe? I know it’s with MS Azure?

I know there’s servers in Dublin & Amsterdam for Europe.

IP addresses? Nope.