Matchmaking is still unbalanced as ■■■■!
You will waste your time playing this game online.

9/10 times your team will be composed of beginners, low ranks, or quitting players while you get to face high ranking full party teams. So yes 9/10 you will get ■■■ rammed online even if you are a GOD. Thanks! How fun!

Oh yeah and the one time your team is actually not garbage, the other team is! Woohoo so guess what? Now you still get to waste your life because it’s so easy that it’s boring. Awesome!

Gears of War multiplayer has been absolutely down the dumpster for years and is still doing so.

I returned this game so fast the employee at GameStop still remembered my name.

And I recommend you save your receipt, because after a few online games you’re gonna want to snap the disc in half. Don’t, just get your money back.

Coalition, fix your overpriced, underachieving, micro transaction scheming ■■■ game.

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Yeah it’s pretty ■■■■■■■ garbage

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