MP lobby configuration

So for the last couple weeks whenever I hop onto ranked koth I’ve noticed my team has the same general set up almost every match I play. Itll go One reup 15-25, two reup 5-15 (me​:kissing_closed_eyes:), two reup 0-5. Idk normally that’s a wide enough range for it to not stick out right away but I’ve been noticing this pattern more and more every time I play. And I know some will say re-up doesn’t equal skill but the matches I play would beg to differ lol. People definently usually play how I estimate based off their reup (in the matches I play) and after the match I will also see the enemy team has the same performance pattern amongst its players. Has this stood out to anyone else or am I going crazy waiting for op 4​:sweat_smile::sweat_smile: