Moving the fabricator to the opposite spawn can be worth it (in some maps)

Is it me or do some players don’t even bother moving the fabricator to the opposite spawn (in some maps) once they see the tap is online after wave 10?

I don’t get the idea of securing the tap to the opposite spawn and then rushing back to the base when you know it won’t even last for to long (not even 2 waves). I would rather move the fabricator to the opposite spawn so the team can protect it, Maps like (throw few names out) Reclaimed, Asylum, Training grounds, canals, Dam or even Allfathers arena where you normally play in spawn section it is absolutely well worth it to move fabricator if the tap is online to the opposite spawn.

Granted that some players won’t bother because you got stubborn engineer/host or you got Jack to rely on powers. However, In my opinion, it’s very important because sometimes some hosts don’t play with Jack or engineer (like myself) this is where the tap becomes very important. Knowing that you have to rely on power more often for fortifications and perks.


I like to see the fabricator put anywhere else but spawn.

It’s certainly a good idea, if you can get most or all of the team helping you move your things. If not and you try it, you could get caught, or a fort removed, and lead to a wipe.

When I solo blood drive publicly then I drop the fabricator immediately and see where the taps spawn, then I move it to the most defensible place and put barriers around the taps to help me defend them.
Then sometimes randoms jump in and move the fabricator to block the doorway of the room that they can hide in from bosses and I can’t kick them without stopping the match :roll_eyes:

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I would prefer to try the spawn of Forge, once a while.

Meanwhile, taps usually spawn around middle, which makes the middle indoor setup even better…

Last time I checked, we can see players in social tab now, even when not as host.


It’s personal preference. Some maps I feel comfortable on spawn, some I don’t.

I don’t think the randoms will like moving things around to opposite spawn. Instead they’ll leave :joy::joy::joy::joy: