Movement - Why do some matches feel fast and others slow?

Let me start off by staying that I’m pretty much always below 40 ping and that my connection is good and stable. I just want to hear from y’all and put this to rest for myself before Gears 5.

Does anybody feel like they can fly around the map one day and the next day it feels like your controller is broken and it won’t react, so you kinda have to fight with it to be able to move. In private match, I can wallbounce much better than in most ranked games. It feels like there is input delay, and I can tell right away what type of game it is going to be - fast or slow.

When it is fast, I can move so precisely the way I want to. When it is slow, I can’t roadie strafe or I will roll. I play on alternate with paddles, so I can’t tell how much I have to hold the paddle to roadie strafe vs roll. Same thing if you play default/claw. For wallbouncing, I have to push the sticks with more force which can and often do screw up my wallbounce rhythm. At times, I will just stand there and not move, which is an alt thing - in default, you would roll.

I actively have to change the way I play to adjust to the speed and it is annoying since there is not a single other game I have played in my entire life that is comparable. In other games, it is consistent for seemingly everyone unless they are lagging because someone is downloading or streaming on their connection or whatever. Heck, in other games I don’t feel any slower or faster no matter what. I may lag when I join an out-of-region server or when I have high ping in a p2p lobby but it always does feel fundamentally the same, meaning that I can run and move the same.

I play with people from Mexico and I rarely if ever have heard them complain about this. is it region? ping? lag comp? input delay? I can’t even talk to people from Mexico or South America about this because I have low ping and need to shut up lol.

However, I have heard similar complaints but only from low ping USA players. Regardless of location, how is it possible for some people to seemingly always play fast? Some, not all, of these players are from way out of region or in most cases have terrible Mexican internet. No other game I have ever played is like this where someone can play so out of region and have some type of weird advantage. The high ping is like a boost or something unless it gets to the point where the lag really interferes and disrupts the player’s ability. I will note that there are players who may not have that high of a ping and are able to play fast and consistent most of the time. Unfortunately for me it is like reaching blindly into a jar to pick out what type of game I will get.

TLDR: One game I have wings on my boots and the next game I’m running through snow/mud/quicksand. Why is that?

Any hope for this to be different in Gears 5?

P.S. I will say that I felt the game was perfect in this aspect during season 0 and 1-ish. Around Spring 2017 something changed and I seem to remember people in these forums asking what the heck happened to the game. Anyone remember this and/or can relate?

Then there was the QoS update in Fall 2017, which led up to an update or two then to the trade/update/lag comp every kill around Spring 2018. I remember getting cheated so hard around that time by high-ping players as they would get a trade out of nowhere.

Update: It is strange, but I also feel like sometimes my settings are fine and other times they are off. Changing sensitivity and/or dead zones makes the game feel more responsive/quicker, whether I go up or down on the specific setting. I don’t know, it really does feel like an actual thing but it could possibly just be in my head.


I won’t pretend to have the answers but I will say that I’ve heard the same complaints over and over. Hopefully 5 won’t be as bad.



The other day my friend and I felt like we were dropping a ton of frames it was so bad. My game was holding 110-120fps and at times it felt like a 30fps nightmare.

I’ve noticed it feels like this at times when high ping fluctuations are present. Never happens in a fully stable game even if higher pings are present.

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Idk if I’d hold my breath on that…
Even during the tech test which I felt played pretty smooth overall and I am definitely looking forward to it but the same feel is in gears 5 as well…
first match I found I thought they put sliding delays in the game it was so bad sticking to every wall and just overall gears 2 ish feelings arised
Next match I was sliding more accurately and faster than ever in gears 4
So it seems it’s hit or miss with which server ur on but overall not as iffy as gears 4

I find myself adjusting settings per match also.

It’s not in your head, its definitely a thing.

I prefer strafing over bouncing, but there are matches where its almost impossible to strafe because of this arbitrary delay.

A good indicator for me is how quickly can I do a back A 180 degree turn. Sometimes its instant as I press, other times my character take several milliseconds to start moving.

Not really sure why the game works differently from match to match.

On a side note, the next time you get in a match with anchors around your neck, start downing people with lancer/enforcer and watch how far they teleport when downed.

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I’ve noticed that if my ping is below 40ms I can move the way I want to but once it goes over I have to adjust because everything is delayed. It’s pretty frustrating.