Movement Mechanics Update - Operation 2


Sick of hearing about this mario cart bs. Its no where near as fast as gears 4. Only slightly faster. If TC never even mentioned it. No one would even know or realize it was even adjusted.



And wht exactly is wrong with tht. ?? Seriously. Its not like they are hyper bouncing like gears 3.
Its still slower than gears 4.

How else do u expect to survive 3 player trying to lay you out with lancers.

Hmmmm??? Lets see

By your movement.

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How I feel about the movement and what I think needs to be done for gears moving forward. This update had its good but I don’t think the game needed a speed boost that’s the last thing that was needed. What I think the Coalition needs to fix is Epic Games mistakes and than build off that. Examples are needed so I’ll break it down in three main points

1.add back the ability to Instantly be able to shoot out of roadie run.
This was taken out of Gow 2 after patch 2 or 3 can’t remember which one but this was a way of taking out a opponent fast and fluent it also allowed strafe players to combat bouncers by roadie run strafing or being a harder target to hit while still having the power to kill instantly. I believe they added the delay because of the melee shot ( two piece) problem gow 2 was having and adding a delay was a Quick fix (band-Aid ). The coalition has shown that it could adjust the melee so it doesn’t have that advantage but still give the instant shot out of roadie run.

2 Being able to pop shot /shoot over cover as fast as you could in gow 1 and early gow 2 before the patch that added the delays. This allows the defense player to react faster to the aggressive player who is probably bouncing their life away. The state of cover fights right now is the person sliding into cover has the advantage. The speed at which a player is able to slide to cover and wrap a shot is too fast for the current aim over cover speed which results in either a missed shot or a chipped shot that does 90–98 % which leaves a bad gaming experience for the player that Predicted the slide but couldn’t aim fast enough to get the kill over cover

  1. Speed boost out of the Up A i believe you guys have spoke on making this less annoying as it is which is good. So I’ll wait to post my thought on this idea. As of now it’s broken you can’t r stop a up a without coming off the cover and even than you have to hope not to trade with the other player.

I like the new movement as most of you know. It saved the game imo. If TC decides to revert everything else better be PERFECT! Everyone knows that is impossible. So I’ll rather have this band aid while I’m waiting for surgery.


You guys should also be looking at this thread as well in regards to the movement. Some decent conversations going on there.

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I can adapt to whatever movement we land on. I really prefer a more consistent game.

First off thanks for coming here to have a conversation about this. I very much agree with you on many of your points. The game post movement update was a mess, still not quite outta the rough, but definitely some progress.the game gives far too much advantage to the defending player. Now of course the defender should have an advantage but if it is too much, the risk of being the aggressor becomes pointless. This now creates a very boring style of play where your best option is to wait out your opponent and capital on their mistakes. So as u say what we really need is more options as the aggressor, which is y i felt that the single best update so far was the shot out of run change.
Now my only question is, why do you feel the change of 3.5 % to boost and slide speed is game breaking? I personally can’t notice it in game and probably would’ve not known if it weren’t for the patch notes. Can you give an example of a situation that now feel unbalanced? Like trying to gib a guy before he can hit the corner and complete a wrap around shot?
At the end of the day i did not notice that speed increase, so i probably wont notice if its reverted. Im just trying to understand the importance of this change as i dont see it playing a major role, least on my level.


I really like the new movement myself too, fells better/faster/crisper… I was playing last night… Then I jumped into GoW4 for immediate comparison, and yes, GoW4 still feels more responsive… movement animations still happen faster… So yes, this isn’t like GoW4, but it’s a step in the right direction…

NOTE: I do NOT wall bounce. Never. I don’t strafe… I like to use slide to cover as way of moving past.around my enemies - usually 1 or 2 slides, max - or use it to slide to cover to get out of the way of lancer fire… Those were all very viable options in GoW4, which made me fall in love with the game… G5, with its slooooooooooooooooooooow movement made all of those 100% useless, you could NOT use movement like that… SO THAT is why I like/want faster/crisp movement. Nothing to do with wall bouncing. And honestly, I’m not araid of crazy wall bouncers. I would rather let people do that, if they want, if it means I can do the type of movement I like/want…

So yeah, two thumbs up, step in the right direction…


BTW, playing Gow4 immedaitely after G5 makes me say this: DO SOMETHING ABOUT THE STUPID GIB RANGE! Playing GoW4 was sooo much more fun, without the insane Gib range… I used to HATE the Core gnasher’s 2 shot down distance, but I’ll take that over G5’s gib range any day of the week and twice on Sunday.


Make sure to start one on the weapon tuning because that absolutely needs to be addressed in a completely separate thread.

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Yeah that flinch needs to be touchier

Man, this , so effing much.
When tc took over and said look we have gears players on the team I thought this is what we might get.

Something I’ve wanted back for years is the ability to stop executions , like you could stop the curbstomp in g1.

The new movement is worlds better than from launch. and i actually do enjoy it. Its fast and consistent. I feel free when i am playing. any mistakes i make now moving is now my fault. The movement should stay how it is and be improved upon. any reverting would be going in the wrong direction… And it seems the majority of players feel that way. With the new movement you can actually evade incoming fire and get away from unwinnable situations where as before you were screwed. I think the ones who do not like the new movement are the ones that are struggling to anticipate what their targets are doing because of the increase in speed across the board.


İ didnt like it and i am not struggling at anything.i dont understand 1 thing how did people decide majority like it.all the people i play with across different region and skill set didnt like it bit cuz of random feeling.before update i can easily win 1-3 ,1-2 now i have to bounce for outplaying because one of them can easily up a me from narnia or close distance like 0.01 second

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From what I have seen and read, A lot of people prefer the faster movement. When the movement changes were applied, I had difficulty anticipating and countering people. Overtime I adjusted my play style and adapted and now i am able to anticipate and calculate what my target is doing easily. Im not saying that i am god and win every fight. I still make mistakes and miss crucial shots even though i saw it coming. At that point. it is nobody’s fault but my own. At the end of the day if the movement changes are what is causing you to do worse. it is an issue with yourself. If you can not adapt and change what you are doing to counter your weak points than that is something you need to work on. The movement changes are the not the issue.

“Insanity is doing the same thing, over and over again, but expecting different results.” -by someone smarter than me.


Yes people who r active here liked it but we cant know by numbers for sure when i check twitter nobody liked it jumping here some certain people like it and dont blame anyone but one thing for sure this update made game 1 way 2 play unfortunately

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You are right and i agree with that. There is not a way to truly know for sure what everyone truly favors. Im never on twitter so that would be my fault for not taking that into account that there is a considerable active fan base there.

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I just want to know how I beat the favored team drop almost 10k in points and still f****** lose 500 plus points thought this was fixed guess not

Yet so many of these changes, including problems, could have been caught early on. Did you play test the emoji’s? Let me guess, it was a different team than multiplayer and I’m sure so many of us begged for these.

So many resources wasted. Problems that carried on from gears 4 are still there . Did anyone in the room see the new omen and think, “yeah, the players will love being blind after one shot”. I would have loved to be in the room that day to hear all the rationalizations for that one. " We need a big, red pimple in the middle of the screen to know if we’ve been shot."

You should have had a consistent, over arching theme of the game that WORKED, then made the emoji’s, blood splatters, and all the other junk last.

What is the theme of gears of war gameplay? I don’t care that it might be an opinion, but I care that you have one. You seem to have created a game without an identity. That’s why the mechanics of the game seem to be fighting themselves.

What about ranking. In gears 5, the multiplayer devs said they wanted to break down the ranks so people understand how the numbers add up. Did anybody bring someone outside the team, have them use the system and ask them if they understand the ranking and how it works? If so, then why did nodezero have to make a long video explaining the numbers that noone can see. Where does the number -157 come from in round 2? Idk, ridiculous!

I could go on. I’ve had my fill of your bs. I really hope TC is not the one making gears 6. I know your employees are individually talented and intelligent. But somewhere along the decision making process, disasters emerged. I don’t need to know the inner workings to know the output is sad. I’m sure gears 5 will get better with time, but so much potential lost. /Rant

100% agree with all your points. good job sir . this needs more up votes so TC can understand what’s going on here. thx for that breakdown

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