Movement Mechanics Update - Operation 2

Good to know. I will link the thread i created into this thread. thank you!

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I’ve been playing gears 5 on the Xbox one ever since the 1st day it came out and these are the main changes they need 2 make 2 the online multiplayer.

  1. Reduce the damage of the lancer. Yes the lancer is STILL 2 powerful. I don’t even think they updated it at all lol
  2. Increase the one-shot range of the gnasher a little bit. and make the gnasher more consistent and accurate at mid-range(2 shot down range). Sometimes when u shoot someone at mid-range with the gnasher the bullets don’t even hit the person at all.
  3. And is it just me or is the movement still exactly the same after the last update??? They had the right idea but I think maybe the increase in the movement speed was just not enough or something.

I can…

Yeah…let me give you some insight with this whole post and pros.

I’ve played a few pros in koth on 4 and 5. You want to know how they play? It’s not slow. Its fast pace run around and shotty everything in sight. While ignoring the hill to a degree.

The times I have played where things slowed down because a team boxed us out? It was boring. The best games are the close ones where everyone is running into the hill trying to stave off those last few seconds from the other team.

I just played one the other night on training grounds where we got shut out because people boxed us out of every hill. To the point people just quit.

You like slow and methodical. Most people dont.
You like to have call outs for every piece and structure. Most people dont.
You play 8 hours a day or more because it’s a job. I play because I enjoy it when I have the time.
People dont think about getting kills. They think about winning.
I can list about half a dozen ways you can currently kill me with the shotgun.

Roadie. Slide and pop, wrap around, over a wall, strafe, hard aim, wall bouncing. None of these are going to leave with them boosting some speeds.

These are simple quality of life changes. Simply put…just adapt.

You want to play slowly? Then play slowly. Wall slides and boosts out of a corner are not gonna stop you from playing slow and methodical.


I disagree with the rifles. They are perfect .inus the hammerburst but I’m bias and prefer g3 hammy over all them.

That being said they already nerfed the lancer so distance doesnt do as much. So now if you get caught it’s your fault. You can slip out of a rifle fire if you are good. What people are crying over is the fact that they get hit with 3 or 4 Lancers now and drop…which you know…duh?

I see plenty of aggressive people making plays. Even watching some scrims on youtube people are. But if you make a play with someone giving lancer support then that’s not the games.fault.

We know now tc put in a lot of delays to make things fair for casuals etc. They never should have been there in the first place. I shouldnt have a delay sliding, or my shotgun firing nothing but I feel it in my trigger but the other guy is rewarded.

You make the shotgun more consistent and people will stop complaining as much. You stop this nonsense of people coming out of a roadie run and gibbing you after you shot them and people will stop complaining. That same distance in 4 meant I won and the other person was punished for being dumb.

What is clear is that tc screwed up with 5. Like a alot and they are paying the price for it. Least it seems with everyone complaining about their ideas. They decided to take coke and make new coke. Nobody wanted new coke.

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I beg to differ.

From what I’ve seen from here in the forums and most social media platforms (Reddit and Twitter), most players are content with the “bandaid”, and actually want to see it taken further in the same direction. So I honestly don’t get why others in the pro community and yourself would want TC to revert if one of your goals is to ensure that the majority sticks with the game, and even convince others to come back to Gears5 since one of the biggest gripes since launch has been Gears5’s sluggish movement and one of the main reasons why a lot of people quit.

Imo, I think that you guys (and a handful of non-pro members of the community) aren’t happy with it for x and y reasons and just want TC to revert for your sakes rather than for the sake of the majority of the community.


Overall the game is ■■■. We’re just addicted. They don’t care.

I dont mind if they revert the run and slide speed increases. I just thought the strafe was awfully slow prior to the update. You do want there to be some skill gap in CQC. But at the same time you dont want to kill the rifle play.

Ill keep my feedback on movement only, i have had very few issues with miss rolling on this movement system. I hate how quick the walk is compared to the run speed. I feel the walking speed should be slowed down to make zombie walking more discouraged. It has been fast clean and fluid, my issues lie with up A’s not connecting, back A’s seem to hit walls instead of wrapping like they did in four.

There should either be an unlimited movement system like in gears 3 or a limited movement system like in UE the devs need to choose. The community seems to prefer the unlimited movement system of 3 with air bouncing. The ‘pros’ want people limited because they want it to be unforgiving that way they can learn the system and punish those casual players who dont learn it. Personally i dont think we should overcomplicate the movement. Now i can agree with limiting shots out of rolls but shots should not be limited anywhere else, the hit detection out of cover needs tweaked it was pretty solid in gears 4. I personally would enjoy a gears UE style movement system or a system that if the player doesn’t commit to at least a certain amount of the slide instead of forcing them to touch cover before they roll. But that would only benefit my play style since i bounce slow and controlled as opposed to some people who like to spam.

If you wanna make the majority happy you will make an unlimited bounce platform similar to 4 with easy canceling and only punish the players who missroll and botwalk.


What confuses me is if the new speeds are universal, meaning everybody is moving at the same speed…How does that force you to stop being methodical and thinking about kills and out positioning people? You just have to move and think a little faster? It wasnt fun playing a game where your character felt like he was runming in thick mud…Not everybody is fortunate enough to be able to play in competent squads that all “think about strategy and flanking and positioning”. Most people don’t play games for a living. We all get to pop in and out for an hour or two here or there and have a little fun, then go back to our daily grind of work, school, family…etc etc. We all don’t have a squad that is always available. So that being said, its an individual game for the most part for most of us. We play when we have time. We play to finish medals or Tours of duty. We play to have a little bit of competition in our lives when we are too old to play sports anymore. And “we” want a faster play style. Maybe TC should give you “pros” an option in custom games to choose the speed based on who is hosting. A pre update speed or a post update speed. Host choice. Don’t see why that shouldnt be that hard to offer as an option. Toodles

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LoL why should they do that for someone that’s only on for an 1 or 2 hours. The lack of teams on ranked is because friends either dislike the game or everyone in the community think to highly of themselves to ever invite. So why make a change according to those that aren’t going to be playing longer while also sucking up all the negative things within its gameplay. You sound like the exact type TC caters to. No disrespect but, TOUR OF DUTY? Seriously? The very thing they implamented to try and make players play different gametypes one could dislike. Oh but weapon tuning. Two different types in my opinion destroys my passion of wanting to play other gametypes. They need to stick to one. They also need to bring back the punishment asset of missing shots and one not being as good as the other player. They made the average Joe capable of luckily killing a sweat, because in Gow5 maneuvering actually brings one to accidentally step into another players shot, which makes clutches rare an unlike before. Where 1v5 in Gow 1 - 3 would bring this rush driving the player to say “let’s go” even after not clutching. But here on 5 majority of the time you don’t clutch unless given the 1v1 opportunity with all 5 players. Again Maneuvering may lead to one failing in this game and its nonsense. Hardly see any turn on and mainly see chokes because of its inconsistency in both movements and weapon. Speed shouldn’t be an issue fast or slow, but it should make sense like the game before. But you know I dont know nothing I only started playing in 07. This just doesn’t scream Amazing to me like their false advertisement want you to think. Like Destiny eveyrone wanted an amazing Halo type style but got ■■■■ instead. Here we want simple gears nothing new other than maps, characters, skins, rank, weapons, and a working Gnasher.


Uhm, can you provide some justification/proof of this statement? This statement which, from where I am sitting, is 100% false and flies in the face of what has been the overwhelming response to Gears 5’s launch state…

“more universally enjoyed” is an EXTREMELY strong statement… I would feel comfortable offering my opinion that Gears 5 was/is universally LESS enjoyed than Gears 4, based on everything I see on twitter, in the forums, my own observations, and my friends’ comments…

Who exactly was it that really enjoyed the slow launch movement, of Gears 5? Anyone beyond the pro players? Anyone at all?


My point exactly xdragonplasmax. The regular guy pops in and out of gears in between the grind of his day/job/family etc to squeeze in an hour or two. To have a little fun. For me, im old and banged up and can’t play competitive sports anymore. Video games like Gears gives me the competition…the juice I need. I don’t have a Go To 4 man squad that makes call outs and plays tactically. Its all pretty much a single player game. I play KOTH to win. I love the fast paced chaos. I hated feeling like my character was slogging through mud. The adjustment to speed makes the game so much more fun. I don’t see why TC can’t have 2 movement settings for “pros” who want something different. 1 pre update,config and 1 post update config. Only available for Custom games. Whomever host gets to choose “movement” . peace

I’d have no issue with custom having that level of customization

Fix the shotgun it shoots marsh mellows it has been terrible since the beginning of gears 5. Smh tc ur making me wanna go to 4 or 3 over 5 and take the totems out no one is spending their whole life. And the medals

Movement is good but damn why are people shooting around and or behind and still getting the kill for it? On top of that I get hit markers and see all my pellets hit a guy and no percentage shows up.

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that’s what i’ve been saying. The pings are terrible. Ppl with 20 ping or less seem to move a little bit faster

Yes I think it’s bad for Gears. The issue is that lower skilled players are being given a crutch to miss shots. If you aren’t hitting your shots on a wallbouncer you should be punished, not the person maneuvering around their enemy. Also I think GoW3 actually had faster movement anyway, at least that’s what it feels like to me

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The UP+A’s are cheesy. it shouldn’t be in the game. And players get a speed boost out of it. It’s an unfair advantage and it takes away the ability to counter your opponent


My feedback is this game is still absolute GARBAGE. It belongs ina trash can . I come back to it couple times a month after one of your so called updates and there’s no difference if anything the games gotten worse specifially the ranking system in ranked is laughable lol I hate to say I’ve lost all faith in my all time favorite franchise y’all have completely BOTCHED this franchise and deserve to lose your jobs tbh. Y’all gunna get Microsoft mad as hell at you guys for screwing this franchise up because it’s one of the main reasons people still play Xbox over Playstation . And rod Ferguson I hope someone who hates this garbage can of a game as much as I do and sees you out and slaps the holy ■■■■ out of you in front of your wife because that’s what you deserve you money microtransaction grabbing ■■■■

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