Movement and delays feedback

Going to try and make this as constructive this is meant to be feedback.

After the tuning update I didn’t play the game for a month because I don’t like it at all. But with OP6 I came back and and did what everyone says “give it a chance”. I went and got masters in 3 of the four playlist so I have played a decent amount. I still have the same stance for the most part. But in almost every game I ask if people actually like the tuning and I have only gotten the response between “It ■■■ - there is no hope of a change” Not one person has said they love this tuning which is why I don’t get who TC said they spoke to about it when it was in beta. Why do the devs refuse to consider changing this tuning when they didn’t do that for any of the others? Anyway the delays make the game feel awful to play in general along with the sluggish movement. There being no “air back a” make right hand advantage even better than it was before. I could go on and on.

TLDR: I gave the tuning a chance after a month of no response about all the negative feedback about the tuning update. It doesn’t feel good to play with the sluggish movement and the delays were probably the worst part of the update.


I’m okay with the slower movement, but the delays I agree with you on. They make the game feel unresponsive and fights inconsistent.

I still don’t understand why they nerf something like the air back-a, but then leave actions like the inverted reaction shot in the game; a move that has absolutely no downside to it and gets abused all the time.

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Slower movement is way better but the shot delays are not. One of the biggest issues in the game atm

They did the movement nerf all wrong — the game shouldn’t have been slowed down like it were, certain shots should’ve just been nerfed by way of slowing the animations down. The Up-A is too fast, the animation coming out of runs is too fast etc. Sliding on the other hand — that’s never been too fast, bouncing has never been the problem — the problem is all the animations.

When I say too fast — what I’m referring to are the instances where someone roadie runs at you and they can come out of the run on their screen and shoot (with the tiny delay they have) and kill you before you saw them stop running. Also referring to being Up-A’d by people who barely moved, and back-a’d by people haven’t hit the wall.

Animation kills are a blight on this, and gow4 — they take by far the least amount of skill to perform and they’re often times by far the most consistent and effective manner of getting a kill. Meanwhile bouncing, the most mechanically skillful aspect of GoW and by comparison nothing like as easy as animation kills? Absolutely nuked.

What you don’t like being wrapped shot and it never looked like the guy moved? Meanwhile you move and fire and nadda…

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It’s unironically the only issue I really have with Gow4/5, other than that I actually like both games.

As someone that started playing Versus on Gears 4, I felt the game was broken whenever I got wraparound. It took me a few months to understand it was a mechanic that the hardcore players abused and that apparently was never fixed.

Nowadays I use it every now and then, but I feel that the game would be better off without it.

Or that awkward moment when you both up a at the same time and both gnashers miss, and your stuck standing there facing each other.

Sounds like a romantic comedy

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Black sheep

I completely agree with u, the animations to do these moves are faster than u can actually react along with lag it all messed up. Never thought about that though good insight

I don’t think they should get rid of wrap around shoot, being able to take a quick shoot Rigth or left is fine with me, it actually makes more sense than sliding the problem is that the shoot makes no visual sense becase there is no animation for it and it makes the game look broken. What they should do is add an animation for it, if when you come out of cover you shootgun is pointing sideways briefly (pointing to where you are looking at) then the shoot would not be as annoying it would make sense to people when it’s done to them, I was playing the other day with a friend of mine that does not play often, and when I did it I had to explain what happen because he obviously complained that I kill him when I was looking the other way. That is the problem with it is just crazy looking.

It is crazy to me that TC has not realize this by now,
The shoot is as part of the game now as other mechanics if they fix the animation the move would feel right, here is hoping for Gears 6

Even then, the shot comes out even before the character is going out of cover, it would still look broken. Either add a 0.5 second delay along with the animation so that it makes sense, or just remove it.

I would agree to that delay :point_up:t4:what ever needs to be done to make it work and make sense should be done. All I am saying really is that it would be better to allow quick shots sides ways than have the game limit that ability completely, it is something that helps add to the skill gap of the game after all :point_up:t4:

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This tuning stinks. I am not enjoying this game.