Mouse support for gears on xbox

Can you add the mouse for gears on xbox please i dont have anyway to get gears on a pc.

it’s coming for gears 5 afaik.

Yeah, I hope everyone uses it so I can bounce around them with my Controller and get that one shot gib.

Will finally put that debate to rest as M&K just isn’t as great as everyone thinks it is and it does NOT instantly start making you aim and shoot better with more precision, because, you know, you still need to do it yourself and have the control and skill level …

Should be fun :+1:


I just want touch support so I can play on my smart phone!

What do you mean? I used to have a wallhack for Star Wars Battlefront 2…on the PS2. :crazy_face:

But seriously, that’s twice today I’ve literally felt a sharp pain in my head from reading these forums.

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As was said above, expect it in Gears 5. They’re done developing for 4.
No, it won’t give you a magical advantage. Controller is better for movement.
And, if you crank up the speed like so many pc guys do, you will miss your shots.

Like Envii, I can’t wait until all these guys who complained about “mouse advantage” get to try it for themselves. It’s better for some things, worse for others. Gears doesn’t play like peek/shoot FPS games.