Mouse input lag on xbox one x (Razer Deathadder 2013)


I recently purchased the Gears 5 Xbox one X edition. I decided to play Gears 5 with my mouse and Keyboard.
I downloaded the Xbox insider Hub, changed my polling rate to 125hz, played with the pointer option under devices but unfortunately I´ve had serious issues when it comes to having a fluent experience.
My mouse (Razer Deathadder 2013) stutters/lags/skips frames, call it whatever you want. I´ve tried researching over and over what the problem may be but nothing seems to work for me, it´s impossible to have a pleasant experience. Skipping frames in a game like Gears or not having the ability to properly follow targets is super frustrating. It is so unresponsive that makes me want to quit the game (Note: I can´t play with an FPS with a controller to save my life).

I need to play on my Xbox, going back to PC is not an option.

Why does this happen? Are there any fixes to it? Should I change my mouse since it´s an old model?

I will appreciate the help to solve this issue

whenever I have an issue like this I like to go through the process of elimination to rule out what is causing it.

  • play a different game to rule out Gears
  • try a different mouse to rule out your Deathadder

doing this will tell you where the problem lies.

EDIT: I also just thought of another potential cause. the surface your playing on. Glass and some other surfaces are bad. Maybe even take a look and see if the optical senor is dirty.

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