Mouse and keyboard

How can I enable mouse on gears of war 4. I connected the keyboard and I can move the character, but I cant shoot or move the gun direction. Also im able to play fornite with no mouse issues.

I’m assuming on PC, right?

Should just be in the options for keyboard, gamepad, and mouse.

Generally speaking, if you plug a mouse into your computer it will just work. No effort needed. Like flipping a light switch.

You should even be able to play using your mouse and controller simultaneously if you wanted to. (if both connected)

On Xbox? I don’t believe they’ve enabled it.
On pc, you should have no problem.

No. Im using Xbox one X.

Correct limited titles are supported for M/K support at this time, and Gears 4 is currently not supported for M/K on the Xbox One . If TC decides to support it I am sure they will announce it on a “What’s Up” But… At this time it’s currently not available.

Use an XIM 4

You can find them on Amazon. They’re a 3rd party adapter for M/KB

I will say I have no idea if that’s considered cheating and might give you a BAN.
Use at your own risk…

As far as I know, it’s still legal. There was talk about MS specifically banning them but I think they dropped that idea now that m&k is out.

I hate the idea. People buy consoles for a reason. No M/KB for me while I’m on Xbox