Mouse and keyboard vs Controller

I have a question for those people who have played both command and keyboard.

1- Do you feel that it is easier to aim in controller than in keyboard and mouse?

In my personal experience, I feel as if the aim is assisted by the controller, even in classification.

2- Sometimes you have to press the keys several times to make it do something?

In my case it is yes, I would like to know if it happens to more people. (Only with this game)

3- 3- How are you doing with the wallbounce?

in my case, sometimes it happens that when I want to go to one place, the character goes to another, I don’t understand the reason.

(If you see some flaws my main language is not English, but it is the only forum where I can find information about Gears.)

My friend plays on PC with keyboard and mouse and he is always MVP and has masters in all ranked playlists.

I play on pc with controller, is faster with mouse, but contrller is more comfortable
aim assist is only in coop modes and single player in lower difficulties, not against human players

to take cover just go near a wall and press A in controller and you will take cover

Does your friend have a YouTube or Twitch channel? I’m doing well, I’m a MVP in several games in the day, but I think I can get better, I would like to see how he plays.

He streams sometimes on Mixer. I’ll get back to you.

Do you know the name of your channel?

My channel or his channel?

both channels.

I don’t stream and I haven’t uploaded to my YT in many months. I’ll ask him if he wants to publicize his Mixer before posting the link.


My buddy isn’t sharing his stream outside of friends right now so here is a YT channel of a PC Gears 5 player whose videos I have watched:

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