Mount Kadar inspiration?

I know there must be thousands of mountains that I’m not aware of, You could say that theHimalaya has lots of them that coud have inspired mount Kadar. But yesterday I found this picture (which you have probably seen before either in the paramount or toblerone logo): The M. Cervino. It resembles a bit the new version of this famous mountain, so significant in Gears.

From time to time I might check the view on Kadar while I play in Asilo, I love GoWs art, backgrounds and geography . Whenever I don’t have a giant crab (, err… meant carrier) trying to grab me or some enemy shooting at me , I just enjoy the views =)

Amazing work on the art , it’s always a delight to watch.


Just like Ephyra, Mount Kadar was inspired by one of @Nonuu_Nonuu artworks.


I like how you leave foot print trails in the snow

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Alot of tall snowy mountains kinda look like that though…

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Thats usually just what mountains look like…

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