Most outrageous theory about Gears 5

Let’s have some fun shall we.

Post up you most outrageous theories about Gears 5 characters, stories etc

Couple of rules.

  1. stick to the forum guidelines
  2. theory must have a direct link from the E3 trailer.

For example.
JDs scar is from shaving. While using the blade of a retro, he lost control of his arm, which by the way was grafted from a drone when he was on an op and his own arm was eaten by a lion while … etc etc

Have fun.

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The body bag contains Jinn. Kait is upset as she and Jinn realised they were both powerful female figures and became best friends between the events of Gears 4 and 5. Jinn lost her lust for power and ended up becoming a charitable figure that would travel to needy regions/villages and help the less fortunate.

JD’s arm was from an experiment created by Baird to give him superhuman strength, but he struggles to control the arm so needs to use a device to shock his arm into submission.

Del has more personality because he has been replaced by a robot that passing the turing test and the COG destroyed the real Del after mistaking him for the robot. In order to hide their failure all involved parties decided to never bring this up again.

JD is angry with Kait because she left him for Marcus.


Del is accompanying Kait with a secret mission. He actually wants to become the Swarm Queen.


plot twist oscar is skorge

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He went deep undercover. It does explain his connection to Reyna.


yeah but the carmines are going to be the real villians of gears 5 that’s why they’re becoming craftable right after the announcement it’s so obvious
they never died those were just advanced dummies how else do you explain how there’s so many carmines it’s like they’re part of a SWARM


The new Gears 5 logo was actually unfinished work, TC didn’t have enough time to finish off the second half of Omen logo.
Someone was colourblind and ended up colouring it in ice blue rather than crimson red.
JD burned Kait’s hat cos he thought it looked stupid and silly, but this made her upset.
So in revenge, Kait burned JD’s arm with Incendiary Grenade, that’s why they broke up.
Del got his own hat to mock and make fun of Kait.
Kait was crying because her dog, Husky died.
JD was a big fan of uncle Baird, so he decided to copy his looks.
The Fahz guy is wearing shades because he is an emotional guy and his eyes were welling.
Del went with Kait cos he wanted to go on an adventure, liked to explore, secretly had a crush on Kait and wanted to be alone with her.
JD made the scar on himself with knife, in a failed attempt to get back in relationship with Kait, guess she doesn’t dig it.
Kait and Del decided to climb on top of Mount Kadar.
Kait pointed a gun at Del cos she had enough of Del wearing a hat, and decided to question him.


JD’s arm actually has is actually Liquid Snake!

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Marcus is actually a ghost that only Kait can see, because (spoiler) she can see dead people.

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I keep smirking over this comment, i love it.

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I think the dead body is an outsider kid. The squad couldnt save the village and the kid tried to help and died trying. Now kait seeing this is going to try and uncover her past to save humanity

Fahz was actually created because GUNNAR wanted to sponsor Gears.

I think gears 5 takes place 3-5 years after 4 what you guy think?

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I’d rather few months cos too much could happen during that period in-between.
But Kait (I think?) became a Corporal during that time, so maybe one year.

One question - how could it be jinn if del says “jinn will notice if you’re gone”,

To Marcus?

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Best Post

Lol some really funny stuff guys.

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Question: Why Reyna told Oscar to “stick to the plan” before the Locust caught her? What did she mean?

Ugh…New Jinn. New person same name. Pothole fixed. Maybe Jinn is the new word for Chairman. Especially if not a man.

So here goes
JD is angry with Kait for picking Del over him.
Kait is angry with JD for playing Bairds latest best seller DBs Online when he should have been giving her attention.
Kaits sad cus her godfather Griffin is dead.
The new guy stole Griffins shades whilst nobody was looking.
JD has Developed DBendcy from too much DBs online and is slowly turning into a DB so has to inject himself with the blood of the Cole Train.
Del and Kait secretly got married but being a cheap skate he sees an opportunity for a free honeymoon.
So off they trot…

Part 2
As they leave Kait notices a shiny light under the rubble of the watchtower.
They remove the rubble to find non other than Gary Carmine feeling in debt to Kait for noticing him he decides to tag along much too Dels annoyance.
The 3 pitch a tent a top an icy mountain Gary goes off to get wood for the fire finally Del and Kait have some alone time.
Just as Del and Kait are about to kiss Gary returns with the wood the 3 sit around the camp fire floating marshmallows whilst Gary sings a very annoying song very loudly and off key

Part 3
Meanwhile everybody else is in court Judge Jinn overseeing the case of The Cole Train VS DB industries.
Cole believes the character of “The Whole Grain” is a intimidation of his personality and and character.
The new guy has assume Griffins identity branding the body bag with his name.

Part 4
Del is woken by someone faintly calling his name he leaves the tent to find a ghostly figure (its non other than Jace Stratton) Del asks who he is to which he replies “Del I am your father” “It’s time you gained your inheritance!” “It’s time you became a Wizard” And with that Del runs off into the night.

Part 5 later