Most inconsistent game ever made

So is it me or this shotgun is literally broken?
Does TC want me to just walk around the map and shoot my shotgun?

How can someone get 99% consistently? Im sorry but this game gets worst everytime its updated.
Someone needs to help these guys out big time.


Just get closer


Little sneeze should do the trick.


After that if they breathe too hard they’ll die

Exactly. Whenever I watch people play versus it’s always about weapons that kill people quick you know things like the shotguns. I rarely see anyone using something like an enforcer or a retro in versus. It’s always about the oneshot weapons. Which is understandable. I mean If I’m tryna kill somebody better do it quick right? Me? I don’t like having kills served to me on a platter. I started playing gears almost 2 decades ago cause there’s a chainsaw on the end of my gun. Not to run into the bullets and use a shotgun since nothing else is worth using. Except in like horde if your class doesn’t have a perk that gives a raw damage increase to all weapons or a damage increase to shotguns. Then it’s not worth using the gnasher on the higher difficulties takes 3 gnasher blasts to kill a drone with more health on, pass wave 10. Gears has kinda dumbed down to a few weapons that are worth it. Basically all explosive weapons, all shotguns, all snipers, breaker mace, boltok and the freaking trishot.

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Gears 1 was literally even more of a gnasher fest than 5 is right now, I do appreciate it’s pretty wonky right right now though and movement isn’t as fast as I’d like it to me. The lancers actually pretty strong right now imo so you can use it if you like.

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