Most inconsistent game ever made. Its literally a joke. (TC FLAGS EVERY NEGATIVE POST)JOKE

So ive been trying to wrap my head around this but i just cant seem to do so. I can honestly say that this is the worst game i have ever played in my life. From my bullets disappearing into mid air, to people literally eating my shots and WALKING up to me with a one shot. I have never EVER experienced such inconsistency in my life. LITERALLY.

You guys come out with these updates to satisfy all the noobs that cannot use the A button. You take away from the competitive players because you want the noobs that actually buy skins to play the game. Games been out for years and you still cant seem to get the ranked matched in order. You literally give anyone a masters its a joke.

TC should be ashamed of themselves. You guys are literally the worst creators to this date. How can people suck at there job this much? Serious question tho?

You have officially lost me along with 100+ of competitive players that deal with the same stuff. Game is made for bot walkers and it really shows. Exactly why you dont have big streamers streaming this. Because you guys cant do ANYTHING RITE!


Freedom of speech obviously doesnot exist on these forums lol.

Say one bad thing about TC and flagged post. Really professional fellas.


Disagree. The moderators on here are actually the best I’ve ever seen on any forum and I’ve been around on ALOT of them. Since before 2006.


Private companies are able to set out standards they expect people to follow on their pages.

While TC welcomes feedback they do require that it be constructive and not just hurling abuse. Your post isn’t constructive in the slightest.

Imagine if I walked into your house screaming at you, ranting and raving and then stated you couldn’t remove me because it would violate your freedom of speech, in a virtual sense, that is exactly what you are doing here.