Most fun I've had in while last night

While I’ve been playing a lot less Gears lately and haven’t much motivation to grind these days, last night was truly awesome. Running KOH solo , the gameplay was smooth all night. No crazy netcode issues or lag. Movement was tight and Gnasher was blazing. Good competition all night. Most of my teammates were solid or at least competent. NO quitters on my teams all night! (which is super rare these days) It just reinforced for me that Gears is a damn good game when it plays the way it should.

Running KOH solo ( as usual) and we played against 3,4 and 5 stacks all night. I’m guessing we won 7 out of 9 matches. MVP or 2nd almost every match. Playing the best Gears I’ve ever played recently. Last match of the night I hit Diamond KOH as a solo.

Although I’m a veteran of the Gears series I didn’t really start playing versus until the end of 2019. I was always a campaign guy and big into Horde. Anyway when I first started playing versus I was really bad. It literally took me a month to get out of Bronze, so it’s kind of cool to hit Diamond.

Anyway, last night reminded me what I love about Gears. For all the b*tching about the game and the various frustrating issues, last night things things were humming along and the game felt right.


I love it when a plan comes together :+1: I get the same feeling when Gears 3 runs well. :facepunch:


Honestly. You more than likely had ghost host.
Its real. Trust me. It only happens once every few days to weeks. Closer to weeks imo

Its literally night and day. You know you have it when the game feels snappier, more responsive and the game feels slightly faster.

THis games player population would be alot higher if it worked for everyone the entire time.
Its like a crackhead chasing the dragon.

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Not familiar with ghost host. First time hearing that in relation to gears. I definitely remember host advantage on Halo but I wasn’t aware there was any such thing for Gears 5. Is this a thing? If so, who gets it and why?

Game did feel good and responsive for sure. not sure about faster but my movements were crisp and fluid and didn’t feel like I was moving in quicksand.

I wish it did play like that all the time. Earlier in the day I tried playing some FFA and it was horrible. Point blanking dudes and not chunking them. Gnasher hitting but doing little or no damage and noticeable delay.

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Glad you had a great time.

I love nights like these.

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thanks man. good times

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