Most fun brawler set for master horde

Not true, you can instant kill almost anything with low health just by tackling. That 60% damage boost is slept on,

I used a melee/ tackle build till about lvl 16 then i have been doing master, i feel that i need to avoid the enemy since their shots are a lot more lethal and ill be far away from team to get revived, how would a brawler use the tackle in master modes?

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A CQC tackle tank build Brawler will play similar to tank build Inflitrator.

You can run around and take quite a bit of hits, but definitely requires maxed cards. Thankfully for Brawler, the health and damage resist cards are only green and blue rarity, so easy to get drops for, or even to max out with coins. Both classes need to be a bit more careful on waves 31+, and ESPECIALLY more careful on waves 41+. At that point, your role starts to shift more towards that of a bodyguard role, where your job is to keep enemies from getting too close to the team, and staying near the boundaries of the fence line.

One thing that is very important for Brawler tankiness in Horde, specifically, is making sure that Power Taps are captured, kept, and upgraded. The extra health helps to spread out the damage resistance from cards and makes them significantly more effective. This can be difficult depending on map.

Know how to dip, duck, and dodge your way through enemies, running behind cover when you can, and learning enemy behavior so as to avoid attacks and push on them when there is an opening. Keep in mind that tackle has a pretty good lunge range, and lets you hit enemies before they can react to melee, allowing you to easily roll backwards and start sprinting to tackle them again. Smoke grenades can create cover for you and keep distant enemies from shooting you down, and Flashbang grenades are instrumental for being able to stun problematic enemies and open up an opportunity for you to push in. Lastly, take advantage of Active Embar stun in situations where you are pinned, otherwise there aren’t many weapons that you will necessarily need.

For card choices, most are obvious.

Perk Up, Damage Dash, and Torch Tackle are most necessary IMO. The first two cards help to make you much more survivable, and the last one is necessary to get the most out your tackle damage, as it works for buffing both normal AND Ultimate tackles.

Inner Fire is commonly used to further increase Brawler’s damage resistance to really high levels, up to 75% when combined with Damage Dash. However, it restricts you from using your Ult if you want to keep it going, which sacrifices some damage output.

Soothing Warmth can very quickly heal you when near enemies that are on fire. Useful when taking on tougher targets while getting shot. But it requires you to be extremely close to enemies, close enough to be meleed.

Thrashball Pro makes you nearly immune to enemy melees when paired with Inner Fire, and you literally are immune while sprinting when combined with Damage Dash. However, if you practice enough, most enemy melees will be easy to bait and avoid, potentially rendering this card unnecessary.

All the Glory is particularly great for significantly increasing your damage output by letting you nuke small crowds with a Torch Tackle kill. A particularly fun card.

The exact build comes down to personal preference and what works best for you regarding tackling, but if it helps, I’ll share what I use these days.

Perk Up
Damage Dash
Torch Tackle
All the Glory
Soothing Warmth

This build is a bit higher risk than usual due to the lack of Inner Fire, but I am free to use my Ult without penalty, and Soothing Warmth helps make up the difference a bit. Basically the idea is to maneuver around isolating and killing things in small groups at a time, and using the Train Ultimate in tight situations or on problematic tougher targets.

Finally, you will want to upgrade at least 3 perks, Increased Health for more survivability, Increased Damage (which works on buffing tackles too), and reduced Cooldown allowing you to spam the Ult that much more when you need it.

When the relevant cards and perks are maxed, Torch Tackle will allow you to kill any Drone type enemy in 2 normal tackles, with Grenadiers (particularly Elites), Rejects, and I believe Sires taking 3. All the Glory explosions are normally enough to 1-hit or at the very least severely weaken nearby enemies of the same type.

Hope this helps.


Sweet i will give it a go, i dont have maxed cards as im lvl 18 and i mostly play frenzy so when i did try melee in anything above advanced i wouldnt do too well, i switched to an active burning playstyle with lancer GL instead

Ill try those unmaxed cards and check my survivability

I was looking at the OP5 build post by Hulk and he listed these cards Play with Fire, Pyromaniac, Perk up, Torch Tackle, All the Glory and i personally dont know how he makes it work when not using the damage dash card


The build he listed is mostly a ranged build, where you use Active reloads to set enemies on fire from a distance. With that you are mostly staying back and playing it safe.

The Torch Tackle card is mostly just complimentary there. It helps you do enough damage to defend yourself at close range while also allowing All the Glory explosions to proc, even if just on a Juvie. Otherwise, it would take you several weak normal tackles just to kill a single non-Juvie enemy, and with no explosive crowd control which you will miss in tight situations.

Lastly, Torch Tackle buffs your Ultimate tackle damage by A LOT, since the Ult will set nearby enemies on fire right before you tackle them, triggering the card damage bonus to already burning enemies.

I guarantee you that the ranged build doesn’t have you running around silly with tackling. It is mostly there for the utility bonuses it provides.

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Honestly man, I’ve tried all the tackle builds with Health buffs maxed out, level 6 cards and max health perk and all.

On master, there is no good tackle build, everything pretty much one shots you, and it sucks that leeches don’t give stim

This simply is not true.

With Damage Dash and Inner Fire, you will have up to 75% damage resistance while sprinting. This is more than Inflitrator’s 60% stim resistance. Except instead of stim capacity, you also get Perk Up for 60% more health and regen speed. Then another 50% health from the perk, all not including taps. This means you can take several times the damage of other non-tank classes, and IMO Brawler is one of the toughest.

Then Soothing Warmth lets you heal in the face of enemies while under fire, or Thrashball Pro stacked with Inner Fire makes you 95% immune to melees, and if sprinting with Damage Dash, you LITERALLY ARE immune to melee.

That is if you want to go all out in tankiness. Using the Ult gives you extra damage resistance for the brief time it is active as well. Usually mixing some of all the above tanky cards with DPS cards is best, particularly Torch Tackle as well as All the Glory.

The only things that can truly 1-hit you are pretty easy to avoid once you know what to watch for (Boomshots, Dropshot headshotting you, for example), and you don’t have to really worry about being melted by anything else until the final waves, even on Master.

Being able to isolate threats to single out enemies instead of trying to face the whole army head-on is key. Remember, even being able to safely 1v1 and face-tank just 1 or 2 enemies at a time is still A LOT more than many other classes can do. You don’t have to literally be invincible. The extra tankiness is a forgiving leniency for stray hits more than anything. Treat it that way, and you will be surprised at what you can get away with.


And yes, it sucks that Leeches don’t give stim, and neither do enemies burning out before you can tackle them again. Really do hope that gets changed to work.

It’s actually very true man, I’ve tested it myself on master runs in frenzy and 1-50.

You start out doing great at first, but once the elite drones come in, you don’t last very long tackling stuff.
It makes it a liability with how often you can get downed in the late game. No range attack, you’re stuck hoping your team can handle all the aerial enemies , and eventually most enemies will require too many tackles to die.

I get what you mean by iso killing things but if your team ends up needing you to clutch with a melee/tackle build, you’re going to get swarmed heavily

Plus with melee/tackle tank builds, you’re not too useful against guardians/ sentinels/kestrels/wakaatu.

Not saying the melee build is bad but for master, it’s usefulness declines rapidly as the game progresses

Interesting, because I’ve done the same and come to a different conclusion.

The same is true for pretty much any CQC class. Inflitrator, Execution Nomad, Blademaster, Brawler ALL have it rough late game due to their aggressive nature. This is why I mentioned them switching to more of a bodyguard role by then. Their abilities still enable them to handle enemies that get too close significantly better than most other classes. Which remember, non-tank/CQC classes are getting downed left and right just for peeking out of cover. The above classes still have the privilege of moving around some late-game.

Once again, the same is pretty much true of the other CQC classes. You can still use ranged weapons though, even if it means just picking up a heavy weapon to make the difference. All these CQC classes do have cards and ways to help deal with fliers, if you absolutely must.

You are not entirely wrong here, however this is where Torch Tackle is mandatory for a tackle build. In late game with both this card and the Damage perk maxed, you can still kill even Elite Drones with just two tackles (though you have to let them burn a bit from the first before the second will kill them for stim, not too long though). Rejects, Sires, and Grenadiers will take 3. This isn’t actually as bad as it sounds, when you are able to tackle, roll back, tackle, roll back, tackle, repeat.

For anything bigger though, this is why I’ve stopped relying on Inner Fire too much, and now use the Ult much more often. This makes up the difference on Scions, Pouncers, etc.

In situations where the base is overrun and you are the last one alive, usually the best anyone can do is run away from the base instead of getting backed into a corner. Except Brawler can be tanky enough to be much more likely to survive out there than others.

For dealing with crowds, this is why I also use All the Glory, which will kill or at least severely weaken nearby enemies after a Torch Tackle kill. Works with the Ult as well. This card really helps keep the enemies thinned out.

All that said though, late game Master is brutal for anyone, especially CQC classes since they need to be close. Doesn’t mean they can’t still do their part, although yes, I certainly still wish TC would make them more survivable late-game.

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Based on the discussion it seems that a master melee build is viable but depends on the player skill level or experience, i guess if we want tackle fun we just play advanced lol

Sucks though that you either choose cards for tackling or cards for range, ultimately the range is best for master hordes so you wont be useless in later waves, i guess the tackling build is more suited to escape rather than horde

While i do agree for the later waves most CQC classes are not as useful its different personally for the brawler since that class has shooting cards but the blademaster doesnt really have shooting cards so no choice haha and its perks are all around melee too, the brawler has AR damage and ammo regen which works for the GL

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I don’t see Brawlers standing in the face of Swarmaks and hitting them to death. Or many of the other things Blademaster can still do in later waves. All it cannot do is take out Kestrels, and the Wakaatu once it starts flying, albeit it is very situational to get to kill a Bastion, Guardian or Sentinel. Besides that what’s fun or not is very much subjective and I’ve had quite a bit of fun with Blademaster on Master all the while remaining useful throughout the entire match. Most of the time I get killed is from some stupid BS pulled by the game… or when a dumb random completely fails to notice that I’m down for over 10 seconds while a Juvie or Popper is stuck inside barriers and still manages to get through both of them after some Drone Elite ■■■■■■■■ decided to shoot for .1 seconds to down.

I am brand new to BM so cant say much yet, it does seem to work fairly well so far, i have killed many ground bosses with it, the matriarch just snatched me though while i was ultimating him

I was not aware BM could fight a swarmak

Very true for brawler, and I kinda see why most master lobbies used to shy away from the class. Haven’t seen so much hate for it lately though so that’s good

Side note: Blademaster has a decent claw card that’s pretty good at high levels if you want some range, I use it so I’m more helpful against aerial enemies

I’ll go in depth on the post build I put up

All the glory: to explode anyone on fire and spreads fire to surrounding enemies

Play with fire: gives you ranged attack boost, I like to pair it with a hammerburst and a GL because they have easier active bars compared to claw plus gl helps in a pinch

Pyromaniac: huge boost to fire damage you inflict, pairs well with all the glory, torch tackle and play with fire cards

Torch tackle: can’t blow up enemies with “all the glory” , on tackle kills without this card

Burn boost/ Glow and slow: this ones a toss up depending on how you want to contribute

  • •Burn boost: 60% damage boost is huge and you get an auto active after you tackle kill somebody. The 60% also boost your GL rockets btw

  • •Glow and slow: slows down enemies noticeably. This one is helpful to the team just for slowing down enemies (bosses included) the goal here is to get as many ppl on fire as possible

I’ll give you a few scenarios as to how I play this build.

•Juvie comin? tackle it for burn boost to activate, proceed to melt the next enemy with Gl fire boosted bullets or rockets 60% damage boost you’ll see how fast the next enemy gets melted

•Guardian comin? Hit it with the GL rockets to get the shield down, then go at it with fire bullets to burn it to death

•Matriarch all up in that booty? No problem, you don’t even have to shoot it’s back for fire damage, you can shoot it in the face and wind it’s healthbar down

•execution rules? no problem, once I down a drone with my fire bullets, it it’s close enough, I tackle kill the down, blowing up anything near it. This gives me stim and a 60% damage boost for the gun in my hand with an automatic reload AND ACTIVE ROUNDS. Proceed to down/kill the next enemy, rinse and repeat

It’s pretty fun to see how much damage you can do even in the late game. It’s also really helpful to have all your perks maxed out as well

I usually prioritize perks as follows

1.Ammo regen
2. Damage
3. Health
4. Feedback boost

Health and damage perks are both very helpful for the late game

Hope this helps and brings clarity to the build I posted here👍🏽


This is the truth for CQC classes in general. Knowing how to survive in such short range to enemies is essential to success, and is it’s own learning curve that will help you a lot even when you play non-CQC classes. Definitely the key take away.

Yeah, Brawler struggles to make hybrid builds work, as you kinda have to go all in on one or the other on high difficulties. Yes, tackle is most notorious in Escape, and ranged for Horde, but believe it or not, you can still use the opposite build in either mode. Ranged Brawler is underrated in Escape, and Tackle Brawler is similar to playing Blademaster or Inflitrator in Horde.

The Blademaster DOES have a very effective shooting card, as mentioned here:

I haven’t used it much myself, but I’ve seen @Siul_S249 use it in action and the Claw card is everything Blademaster needs to cover it’s weakness, if you need it. If you use that card, you won’t be saying this, lol:

Haven’t seen much hate for many classes lately (promos aside), so that is a sign the class balance is in a mostly good place.

Excellent write up on the ranged build man. I’ve used a similar build before and it is quite fun, even though I prefer tackle. Nice to see someone actually using Burn Boost.

Generally, you want to approach bosses with insta kills(Carrier and Matriarch, Swarmak technically has insta down rather than insta kill so if you’re immune to damage during your ult it can be approached safely) from behind or while they are stunned/frozen, as a CQC class. Unless you want to give your teammates something to face palm/laugh at.

Also worth noting, Brawler with Torch Tackle during the ult on a frozen boss absolutely tears ground based bosses apart. The melee damage bonus on frozen enemies is something absurdly high that I don’t remember how much it is, some people say it’s 10x damage.

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Separate post cause I’m lazy…

But I don’t see Blademaster taking out Wakaatus or Kestrels on its own just with that Claw card, plus I prefer to have as much survivability as I can for melee so I don’t tend to use that on it. And its role isn’t to take down flying enemies. I tend to leave that to the Gunners, Demos, Tacticians, Pilots, you name the class, so I mainly serve as a distraction to them a lot of the time. And Bastions also have the very annoying tendency to change position at the slightest hit which makes them a pain and a half to consistently hit with the Claw to begin with. Brawler would still have something of an advantage with a ranged build there, seeing as its burn effect is a lot stronger now and doesn’t care if the bot hides behind a wall.

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No, the Claw isn’t going to be a boss-killer all by itself. Of course not lol. But it does round out Blademaster’s weakness very well.

Not wrong here, Brawler’s ranged build is literally FIRE and forget, lol.

I don’t disagree here. I myself prefer to go all-in on melee for Blademaster too. But I do advocate for the Claw card as it is still a plenty viable option. And options are good. It can also be a good way to safely and quickly recharge your Ult from the safety of cover before running in to chop things up. So to each their own.

Yea was going to say this, while BM does have a claw card, so does the brawler but the brawler also has extra cards for weapons such as active burn and then of course the rest to improve that burn damage along with 2 weapon based perks that the BM simply does not have

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There is still a distinction between the Claw card for Blademaster and Brawler’s ranged cards.

The Claw card is a lot of pure upgraded damage on an already powerful weapon for directly dealing instant damage. With extra active damage further multiplied on top of that.

Brawler can fire and forget, but has to wait out the burn, or have a condition on melee/tackling a burning enemy for a temporary boost.

In general, yeah, Brawler has a bit more nuisance to it to go with the effectiveness.

Makes sense i dont have that claw card yet so dont know how powerful it is, i figured the brawler AR damage perk was equivelent along with the burn on active cards