Most fun brawler set for master horde

Hey guys,

I noticed I’ve used this newfound place just to rant lately.
Figured I’d post something productive that’ll actually help others.

Here’s my brawler set for master horde.
•All the glory
•burn boost
•play with fire
•torch tackle

Most fun class I’ve used so far and the first I got to 20. Especially fun when there isn’t execution rules.

I’ll go more in depth if you guys want, feel free to post your best brawler set below or ask questions

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I have done some tinkering but my usual build is:
Torch Tackle (always good)
Perk Up (more survivability than Inner Fire and helps with regen)
Pyromaniac (extra burn damage)
Play With Fire (burn with your Lancer)
All The Glory (for explosive AOE damage)


Why no scorcher cards?

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I experimented with a max scorcher damage card.

It ended up being underwhelming in dps. Although I have read some posts that the scorcher damage card doesn’t work, so that definitely makes sense.

When I did use the scorcher in master horde, I just got lasered down by elites while torching a big guy.

In master horde it’s best to keep your distance and with the lancer and GL I was able to do so

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Why is no one bringing Slow and Glow to stop bosses? Seems like an obvious choice. Unless it doesn’t work with the Scorcher, but it should. Can anyone confirm?

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As long as you get an active reload on the Scorcher to apply the burn status then yes, glow n’ slow works.

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I’ve seen Brawlers utterly kick the living crap out of things, including low flying Sentinels and Guardians, so what gives about “low damage” from the Scorcher?

Lol what?!
Is this a bug?

It wouldn’t be the first time a card hasn’t worked.

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Damn… I was looking forward for adding this card along with the scorcher fuel tank card for Brawler class in horde.
Really wanted to burn everything out there… guess there’s no point in doing that now.
Is TC even aware of this?

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I’ve not tested it personally, so can’t confirm or deny whether or not the report is accurate. Need someone to check.
If it isn’t working, I’d hope people would have reported it, but many don’t.

I’m still lvl 18 now. I’ve yet to get to lvl 19 myself so I was just asking…

I can’t check it myself either.
I know you were asking, I was more alluding to the person that mentioned someone saying it to them further up. Hopefully those that have experienced the issue have mentioned it to TC.

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My setup is:

Pyromaniac = more burning damage
All the glory = explosive damage when killed by fire
Inner fire = damage resistance when ulti ready
Perk up = more health and health regen
Scorcher mastery = more scorcher damage

Use energy to perk up ammo regen, so you need no locker and only one scorcher.
After that perk up health and damage.
To cause burning effect you have to active reload the scorcher.
In my opinion very strong setup for master.

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This is the combo I’m running currently. Scorcher is a hit or miss currently so I have more fun hitting active reloads and using assault rifles

Glow and Slow - enemies that are burning are x% slower. Its helpful from things rushing your base
Perk Up - useful in higher difficulties
Pyromaniac - more burn
Play With Fire - active reloads all day and see them burn
All The Glory - a MUST in all builds imo

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This is close to the set up I’ve been using (Play with Fire instead of Inner Fire) & agree maxing out ammo regen is a priority, once it’s at level 10 it’s almost impossible to empty the scorcher :joy:

Keep in mind this is about Master difficulty set. It takes way too long on master to kill something with a scorcher, even some little guys

More reasons to not use the scorcher with brawler (on Master)
•need active reload AND Play with fire card to inflict burn damage
•card is bugged
•can’t push forward with an active scorcher
•range is very small

The scorcher would be better if it applied the burn status from the get-go and leaves fire puddles with an active, kinda bothersome that it doesn’t outright kill drones either, they just get downed when Execution rules are on.

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Being downed could be a good thing. It would synergy well with Burn Boost where melee / tackle kills gives instant perfect active with +60% damage boost at Level 6. Without Execution Rules, that card would be pointless. But I haven’t gotten around to experimenting with it yet. If it did work successfully like how I described, then it would be massive damage.

I should try that myself, does sound good on paper.