Most bullcrap Dropshot I have EVER seen

Also I don’t know why I emoted there - I swear I wasn’t being cocky, must’ve been a mistake lol.


My guess is that the accidental emote triggered the weird Dropshot. It altered your head’s hurtbox as the Dropshot hit it, but when you canceled the emote, you also incidentally cancelled the kill animation. Even though the animation was cancelled, you still died a set amount of time after.

I’ve done something similar in Horde where I picked someone up as a Matriarch tried to grab me, then rolled away because I assumed the Matriarch missed. Then, after her animation would have ended, my character just suddenly died twenty feet away from a Matriarch just standing there.

Funny as hell video though.

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I’ve never seen a dropshot stick inside someone like that before lol I’ve had a frag grenade stick to me before in 5 as if my character caught the thing and didn’t want to let go.

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This happend to me in horde twice already and once in Versus, i’m such lucky guy when it comes to BS like this :joy:

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Poetic justice

Gears logic.

Same ol crap still going on I see…